platform for web development

While the market is saturated with programming languages for web development, Java still stands as one of the best languages for the very purpose. Java is supported by several top-rated frameworks and has a rich ecosystem to help developers build web applications effectively. 

Besides, Java has other benefits- it is a platform-independent Object-oriented language that can be used for developing almost all complicated web projects. Hence, enterprises and organizations/ individuals looking forward to getting their next web-based project should consult with Java developers in India to get their projects up and running in no time.


Java is a general-purpose language that can be used for building several types of projects. So, why is it counted as one of the best web-based applications? Well, Java comes with pre-built servlets and applets that run on the browser and simplify web development tasks for developers. 

Also, they render efficient web apps on the browser scope, utilizing the fast multi-threading architecture of Java. Let’s try to understand the benefits through a detailed fact-check on the below-mentioned points.
  • Scalability: Java can adapt to the needs of a specific web application. It can be scaled horizontally and vertically, making the language one of the best scalable programming languages for web development.
  • Portability: Java is a cross-platform language that can run on any machine or modern browser. While all browsers can process Java applets, all the devices (installed with Java Virtual Machine or JVM) can run Java. Java is a program that first compiles to bytecode and then to the machine code with the help of Java Runtime Environment. So, any machine that supports JRE can execute Java. After all, Java comes with the phrase – “write once and run everywhere.”
  • Multi-threading: Java has a multi-threading architecture. Numerous threads are allocated to multiple requests at a time, and each line is responsible for outputting a specific response. This makes Java suitable for applications that require heavy computing and resources. Besides, the multi-threading architecture ensures the app doesn’t crash under heavy traffic.
  • Performance: Java is fast, secure, and very reliable. Most enterprises prefer opting for Java development as the performance of Java is fast. Once the application is built using Java, it can run for years without encountering significant bugs. However, sometimes, due to developers' mistakes, the project might experience frequent issues. To avoid such happenings, clients must hire a renowned Java Development Company.
  • Frameworks: Java is supported by several web development frameworks such as Strouse, Spring, or Hibernate. These frameworks heavily lift specific tasks, making the job of developers easier. For example, these frameworks handle functions like routing, sending and receiving HTTP requests, CRUD operations, etc., with minimal input from the developers.


J2EE, or advanced Java, was explicitly created for the web. The developers included features like communication, socket applications, networking, and scope for future integrations with Java. 

Hence, Java has become one of the most preferable choices for web development. Now that Java's benefits are clear, clients can look forward to hiring a Java Development Company in India to start their next project.