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The 5 Best Australian Cities For Expats And Migrants

 Australian Cities

Australia has long been a popular destination for immigrants over the last 100 years.

It should come as no surprise that it is still a prime destination for expats and even migrants looking for a better life.

Whether you are looking to live a parallel level of living standard as you’re used to or trying to improve your lot in life, you’ll find Australia very welcoming.

Some people even improve the place they live like these migrants from South Africa who are helping the Australian economy thrive.

Whichever category you fall into, here are some places in Australia which should help you live your dream in Oz!

How to migrate to Australia

Before we dive into the list, you first have to understand that you can’t just show up. You’ll need a visa or work permit to be able to live and work in Australia. Rather than go into a lot of details, it is better to advise you to simply talk with an immigration agent as your set of circumstances will dictate what you need to do to get in.

Best Places to Live in Australia

  • Adelaide - The capital of South Australia has a booming economy with lots of demand for people in healthcare, education and manufacturing fields. In fact, there is an active recruitment yearly of 5,000 skilled migrants. Close to beaches, vineyards, and parks, it is an ideal location for families.
  • Brisbane - Australia’s third-largest city, Brisbane offers all the comforts of living in a cosmopolitan city, while still feeling small like a village. With many jobs available in hospitality, health, manufacturing, and tourism there is enough work to go around for everybody. Being near nature, it is a great destination for the outdoors enthusiast that loves sailing, surfing the Gold Coast or simply hiking.
  • Canberra - The capital may be overlooked due to its distance from the coast, but is an ideal location for the job seeker and nature lover. Adventure lovers will find their thrill in the bush around the city while city dwellers will enjoy the cultural offerings around town. With cheap housing available it is a great choice for the new arrival.
  • Hobart - Another city with reasonable real estate prices is Hobart in the South. If you are hesitant to move to Australia because of the heat, then the cool summers of Hobart should entice you. If you are moving with a family, then you will really want to check out the city that has been named the most friendly city in Australia. Working in construction, viticulture, and engineering will see your chances of finding a job very favorable.
  • Melbourne - The cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is home to world class museums, a strong artist community, and the coolest bars and restaurants in Australia. Migrants who specialize in aviation, construction, automotive engineering, financial services, and technology should definitely give a good look at this incredible city.

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