Many shooters who use guns for target practice or hunting usually rely on gunsmiths or factories for their scopes to be mounted on a rifle. There are many techniques for you to use to save you both money and time when mounting a scope.
These six are the ideal guideline for you as a gun user to follow to be able to do it on your own. Before you begin any of these steps always ensure that your rifle is not loaded. The most important thing is your safety.

Step 1: Prepare Your Place of Work

This is a very important part of the steps. You need to prepare your workplace by ensuring that you have the appropriate gear for mounting that scope on your rifle. This is done by acquiring the proper tools and components which are a work table for your riffle.
On top of the work table always ensure you have the right screwdriver and right height scope rings and bases as using a wrong sized tool can break part of the riffle. Once you have all the tools with you, you are ready to go.

Step 2: Secure the Base

Most of the firearms that use scope are already pre-drilled from the manufacturer. By the manufacturer doing so, the user of the riffle gets to have proper drilled holes placed on the most appropriate position on the riffle.
 Remove the screw from the riffle and place the base in the required direction. Screw the bottom to secure its position on the riffle with a little pressure using your screwdriver. It is not necessary to use a lot of pressure while tightening the screws but you can if you want.

Step 3: Mounting the Rings

When the base is secure on top of your rifle, attach the ring on top of the base. Rings are manufactured differently according to brands. Different brand have rings of different shapes, color, and sizes.
Visit bestscope rings blog to acquire the appropriate ring befitting your riffle. Just as the bases tighten the screws of the rings unto the base while facing the proper direction. When you have attached the rings tightly in place, remove the top half of the ring and its screws and put them aside.

Step 4: Leveling the Scope

Before you attach the scope into the rings, make sure the rifle is level. You should place the gun up front on top of your table base and use a bubble level for measurement. Place one bubble level at the rear end while the other bubble level on the furthest end of the barrel. Adjust the riffle to fit into level position and tighten screws.
Place the optic scope into the rings and return the top part of the rings to its original position. Place the screws into the rings but do not tighten as you will have to use the bubble level to ensure that the riffle is at level. Adjust if the riffle is not level and tighten the screws to lock in the optic.

Step 5: Bore Sighting

This is where you align the center of the barrel of your rifle to optical riffle sight. This process can be done using the eye or by use of a laser, which is simpler and more accurate. Place or create a target and line it up to the front sight. Use the laser beam to check if the dot on the target aligns with the barrel if not adjust the level of the scope to fit the target.

Step 6: Zeroing and Shooting Target

In this step, you will need a safe place to try, which can be a gun range. Pick your ammunition that goes hand in hand with your riffle. Place tour target on the range and aim at it. For a beginner use shorter distance for practicing and increase as you go by.
Use your bore slighter and adjust its position until it is at the center of your target. Shoot at the target, rest before taking another shot this will help in returning your riffle in its original position.