Social Media Marketing

There are so many people using social media today that make this platform limitless in terms of marketing potential. To stay ahead of the marketing curve, you should keep up with the changing trends and see how users are finding new ways to sell their businesses. 

To remain competitive in this changing world of internet options, one must adjust to modern trends. Below are some strategies that may help you float above the rest in all the social media platforms that you have in place to engage your audience.

1. True engagement of your audience

There is an emerging trend that involves cheating your audience into sharing your posts to gain traffic, but this traffic is not the real measure of the impact your message can impact sales. Consider engaging content instead of racking figures without creating interaction. Using engagement baits seemed to work for some time, but people are getting smarter and avoiding marketing posts that are not organic.

Think about your brand voice and use it as a guideline to engage your audience.

2. Consider working with micro-influencers

Working with defined celebrities to promote your post on their social media platforms is a genius idea, but research has it that micro-influencers raise more traction than people with celebrity status. The new trend welcomes the use of up and comers as they have engaging audiences. Once a profile gets many followers, then the engagements can rapidly decline to make collaboration efforts futile.

3. Trim all your fake followers

Genuine commitment deserves the right marketing strategies similar to the ones adopted by the Zoho marketing hub. When it comes to influencer selection, social media can be a dangerous ground to tread on. There is an emergence of fake accounts with fake followers. Celebrities and politicians have been accused of such fake influencer profiles. Collaborating with someone with a fake profile may be a waste of investments that’s why you need to check engagement rates before you connect with any marketing influencer.

4. Consider the dark social media platform in your strategy

We indeed leave our digital footprint on all our social media platforms and any activities we do online. Dark social refers to all the activities of social networks that cannot be tracked online. This includes information shared on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, and Skype. A lot of social sharing is taking place out of sight, and you need to tap into this vast potential marketing platform.

5. Try the new Augmented Reality Adverts and marketing strategy

This is a new concept that marketers have adopted that allows shoppers to try out products without leaving the newsfeed. Augmented reality will enable you to picture the color of fresh paint in your living room or even wallpaper in your department store. This is the future of digital marketing that was first introduced with Snapchat, where they offer consumers branded stickers and selfie filters. This trend is shared amongst the fashion and beauty industry.

What this means is that social media is a branding tool that should be used to high awareness and customer experience.