measures of safety

Having sex seems to be meant for pleasure in the first place but if you delve deep inside the philosophy of orgasm, you will eventually realize that it is all about having been committed to the idea of exercising it with adequate precaution in order to plug in all the possible gaps for anything untoward to slither into and spoil the gratification of savoring one of the best sensations of the world.

Now we are living in a connected world where we can reach out to anyone from across the globe just with a few clicks on the button of your smartphone or personal computing device. Therefore we start our day sending a friend request to hundreds of unknown individuals whom we find worth being in a virtual friendship with only by the virtue of browsing through their profile and the day conventionally end with having an informal chat with those who are already there in our friend list. The gender bias is fast fading away as we all are ready to go far and wide transcending the forbidden lines of conventional social constraint to engage, interact and collaborate with unknown people from all ages and sexes. The journey begins with a flair of friendship in the virtual setting and it finally ends in a passionate relationship in the real-world with a desire to conjugate physically. At the behest of omnipotent and omnipresent connectivity offered by social networking sites, people seem to have come closer than ever before with social and perceptional obstructions being pushed to the corner. The temptation to engage in a sexual relationship is now alarmingly on rising which results in the cases of intercourse has been rampant. Therefore safe sex is the new buzz word that doing the rounds.

We all want to know how to play it safe while being able to make the most out of it. We all want to create some moments of a lifetime out of it and seize the most as it happens. It is basically a balancing act whereby the pursuit of indulgence in pleasure should rightly be weighed against the sensible Endeavour to take safety precautions. Everyone tries to put these two aspects together blended in the right proportion. It is the mix of pleasure combined with the elements of safety measures that might give someone the right perspective to celebrate sex in its purest form.

Experimenting with your choices of condoms

Instead of being stick to the same old and traditional prototype of condoms, you can in fact add spice to the extravaganza by experimenting with different flavor that suits the mood and ambiance of the moment. Those who are quite frequent in having sex with their partner often carry a wide pool of flavors to pick and choose from as a part of their strategy to make the experience worthwhile. Before you got into the action, you can sit together and decide upon the flavor unanimously. It might help you overcome initial hesitation and transition yourself to the best of your erotic self. Perfect intercourse should best be concluded with a discussion on which flavor we can try out with the next time.

Choosing the right place is the key to excel

We cannot simply just start like that in any random place driven by the impulse of our strong passion. No matter how strong the passion is, we need to learn to enslave it much to cause of safe sex. Though, we all have seen in movies that sex is found out to be best savored in a random place which is far from being apt and hygienic. But in real life, we should do it following certain decorum to seize the best out of it. It could possibly happen in the bedroom, living room or in a balcony. But the place is required to be decked up in advance in sync with the taste and preferences of persons to be get engaged in the due course. We can also get the place studded with aromatic candles, flower bouquet and pastel-shaded curtains to complement the decor of the place which finally sets the strike the chord by setting up a perfect ambiance of labor of love.

Surgical Intervention to streamline the experience

Breast augmentation surgery is quite common nowadays. Women are ready to go to the extreme extent of going under the scissors just to enhance the size of their breasts. Augmentation surgery is also meant to realign the shape of the cleavage in proportion to the contour of the body type. Men do not also lag behind as they have jumped into the fray expressing the willingness to go for the surgery with an objective to enlarge the length of the penis. There are several ways to increase your size without surgery by the use of different oils and ointments which is to be applied externally. Though the fruitfulness of those external agents has not yet been proved scientifically. The side effects of those agents could also be significant potential.