“I hate my wife.” You have told yourself this, and perhaps you have even expressed it out loud to someone close to you. It’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it? Realizing that you hate the woman you’re married to. It has obviously changed since you two shared your marriage vows. It has left you in a tough position. Many men feel exactly the same as you.
Deep down, they love their wives, but as a person, they don’t love her anymore. You can work to change that so that your marriage prospers again and you can feel closer to it the way you did in the first days of your relationship. But sometimes, it is irredeemable, and divorce seems like the only option left. Regrettably, we can’t see the future before we get married. Obviously, your wife is not the same person as before. If you are getting divorced in Germany, look at the unterhaltsrechner from Dr. jur. Jörg Schröck to see how much you have to pay your future ex when divorced
Life has a way of turning a perfectly happy person into a cynical and jaded woman. Maybe your wife feels that her life has not gone as she wanted and she blames you for that. You may feel astounded by everything you have to face and, in turn, you are expected to carry the worst part of her bad mood. Regardless of what is driving that behaviour now, you are the person who suffers from it.
That obviously has to change. You have heard the horror stories. A man divorces and, although he has worked for years to support that wife and build what he has, he loses everything, and she moves away as a contented fat cat. You want a divorce, but your wife doesn’t. Now, you are asking, “How do I divorce my wife?”.
Well, men have rights; just like women do, it all depends on how you defend yourself. Do you simply give in to every claim she makes, or do you protect your income, your assets, and your custody? If you are part of the many men who have concluded that yes, you will divorce your wife, then your next steps are crucial and should not be taken with contempt. Follow these steps provided by CompleteCase, and you will ensure you have the best chance of getting everything you deserve in your divorce. Here are some great tips that will help you with divorcing your wife:

· Investigate before meeting a lawyer 

This is perhaps the most crucial step. Learn all the procedures of a divorce and the actions that take place. The Internet is an excellent place to start and talk to anyone who has been through the situation before. You don’t want to spend enormous cash talking to a lawyer just to learn the basics. It is a waste of both time and money.

· Hire a lawyer 

One of the most essential ways to divorce your unwilling wife is to hire a lawyer after you have done the research. This is the best type of divorce help for men because, without a lawyer, you only ask for a more complicated process. Your lawyer can help you ensure that you keep more of your things and do not have to hand them over. Your lawyer will evaluate the details of the finances and who won what, who gets what, and how you can defend what is yours. There are several things that a lawyer can help with, including custody problems, hidden assets, and child support issues. Unfortunately, without a lawyer, losing a large amount of money, property, and child support rights is possible. It is okay to get someone with extensive experience for your divorce. You should expect your ex to get the best lawyer possible, so you need to have a pleasant and knowledgeable person in your corner.

· Research on custody issues 

Another tip on divorcing your wife is knowing how custody is granted. Usually, the judge gives full control to the parent with whom he believes the children would be better. This means the father is more stable and financially secure, and the one has a better relationship with the children. Anything that shows your strengths should be given to your lawyer, including emails between you and your children or spouse, correspondence between you and the teachers, etc. Many parents are granted equal custody today, but you must show that you are a good father, that you know your child, and that your child has a good relationship with you.

· Find out how much a divorce costs 

The cost of getting a divorce mostly depends on different things, including whether or not the divorce is contested and what you and your future ex have already decided. Since your wife doesn’t want a divorce, this will cost more than when it is uncontested. The easier it is for you two to agree, the cheaper the divorce. You should consider the lawyer’s costs, court costs, and any other costs associated with the divorce, like changing your name. Not all couples do a name change, but if you're considering it, plenty of websites can provide orientation and offer full-service name changes to make it as easy as possible.

Look for lawyers who don’t charge an arm and a leg, and look for a lawyer willing to fight for you. Learn all about starting the divorce process and what will happen during yours. The more prepared you are, the better your chances of reaching the top. With a competent lawyer and relevant knowledge, you can overcome the divorce and move on to the next part of your life. You can learn the proper steps for divorcing your wife by understanding the above.

· Separate your financial lives 

As you have decided to hate your wife, it is time to look at your finances. If you have spent several years of your marriage building a financial life together, you should separate it as soon as possible. Start establishing your own credit. Get your personal bank account, your personal credit cards, etc. Again, investigate and talk with your lawyer about this.

· Keep matters with your ex-civil

The best case is to keep away from highly emotional arguments and be driven by the anger of this situation. Of course, emotions and anger will play an important role in the real world, so have a premeditated emotional plan on how you will handle divorce proceedings. This could mean the difference between a long, lengthy, expensive battle and a short, demanding divorce in which you get what you want.