annual meeting

If you’re dreading that annual meeting, then you’re not alone. So much goes into planning, conceptualizing, and organizing a yearly conference. One mistake and the whole thing could be a waste. Whether you’re directly in charge of the planning or one of the support groups, this article will help you make a company meeting better than in previous years.

Don’t Focus on the Year Ahead

One thing that people tend to focus on too much in annual company meetings is the outcome. Spend time acknowledging what your employees have done last year and the current year. There has been a lot of hard work throughout, and it’s the perfect time to acknowledge your people’s hard work. Take the time to recognize them, thank them, and let them know you appreciate their company contributions.

Hire a Motivational Speaker

Motivational speaking is done to encourage everyone to keep going. If you want to inspire more people in your company, inspirational speakers can help you achieve this goal. 

Inspirational speakers know how to incite emotion within the people they’re talking to. The National Speakers Bureau has a lot of well-versed inspirational speakers. It’s not easy to trust this job to someone you may not know; these inspirational speakers from NSB were handpicked and know what to say and when to say it.

Motivational speakers can show a different light to everyone, turning business concepts in a way that resonates with the listeners. These speakers know what words to use that will touch the person's emotions, making the listener want to start doing what needs to be done. Just by this simple approach, you can get everyone to be in harmony with your goals and mission.

Corporate Team Building

Are you looking for new team-building activities? You need a corporate limousine for events, employee training programs, and entertainment ideas to incentivize and keep your employees and clients entertained, engaged, and motivated.

Breakdown Annual Goals into Micro Priorities

You may already have your big goals set for the year ahead; however, for them to sound realistic and practical, you need to break them down. The idea is to ensure your staff is well-stocked with the tall order. However, they still need to know your goals; this time, you’ve prepared a more detailed, thoughtful, and broken-down plan for achieving this.

Keep Them Active and Engaging

Planning the meeting is just half the challenge. You also need to keep your attendees actively participating throughout the meeting. Keeping them engaged will help them listen more to the agenda.

Prepare a Healthy Lunch

Many people from different states (or countries) might attend the yearly meeting. Prepare delicious food that pleases the palate and energizes the body throughout the entire meeting. 

Make sure that everyone consumes the food. Consider those with special diets and offer Halal options from any halal restaurant, vegan options, vegetarian options, lactose-free options, etc. Send out a survey, asking people if they have any restrictions. Once you have the data back, you can start ordering the right menu.