Certified Senior Big Data Engineer

Given the changing nature of technology, extensive data skills are one of the top technological skills that have become increasingly important for employment. Big data is in high demand. Many organizations, including the top tech companies in San Francisco and other US places, are now hunting for workers with considerable data skills.

Big data is everywhere and keeps generating every second we use internet services. A vast amount of data must be collected and analyzed for fear of missing out on something important. This is one core reason why big data and analytics have become a prime concern in the frontiers of IT today.

However, employers need help hiring the correct set of talent. Regardless of their size, organizations have started adopting data and analytics. Although data is abundant, organizations cannot deliver positive results due to the talent shortage. How would organizations benefit from data without having an expert professional to curate meaningful patterns from this data? Technology such as AI, data science, and big data have grown exponentially over the past years. IT professionals with considerable data skills are more likely to get hired quickly than those without skills.

To become a Certified Senior Big Data Engineer (SBDE™), you can meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum of one year of computing experience
  • Be proficient in using Python, JAVA, or another programming language
  • Have a bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, technology, engineering, applied sciences, or a related discipline 

You can also consider the following qualifications:

  • Have four or more years of experience in data engineering, data system development, or related roles
  • Have the ability to build, maintain, and improve upon data architecture, collection, and storage systems
  • Have the ability to manage and guide other data engineer processes
  • Have a bachelor's degree or above in IT, computer science, or a related field
  • Have strong analytical skills, with keen attention to details

You can also consider the following certifications:

  • SAS Certified Big Data Professional
  • Certified Analytics Professional 
To become a Certified Big Data Professional, you must complete both modules of the SAS certification. The modules cover programming skills, fundamentals of statistics, and analytics. 
To qualify for the Certified Analytics Professional exam, you must have:
  • A bachelor's degree in a field related to data analytics with five years of work experience
  • A master's degree with at least three years of experience
  • Seven years of professional experience 

How do you plan on upskilling?

At specific measures, it is said that technology skills, on average, only last for six years. To remain updated on the current workforce, workers must stay equipped with the changing environment.

In short, staying certified will help you stay in sync with the current trends in big data.

The next challenge is finding the right platform to acquire skills to grab a career as a significant data professional.

Suppose you want to get certified to work with big data. In that case, upgrading your skills through the Senior Big Data Engineer (SBDE) Certification provided by the Data Science Council of America is a wise choice (DASCA). A career in big data is now growing as an opportunity rather than a problem since organizations have started adopting these technologies.

Choosing DASCA's Senior Big Data Engineer Certification is an ideal choice because it helps professionals leverage their skills in the big data realm. Additionally, since it is vendor-neutral and is not specific to any single industry, it is valued by several employers globally. The credentials offered by DASCA comprise their Data Science Body of Knowledge (DASCA DSBoK™) that has been curated around the cutting-edge Essential Knowledge Framework (EKF™) of the Data Science Council of America (DASCA).

The framework is curated so that professionals with data science skills can explore and gain sound knowledge in the field.

Expert professionals with sound knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and programming skills in Python, R, C++, Java, and other related disciplines are ideally preferred. The extensive data engineer certification offered by DASCA is best suited for professionals like technology experts, platform developers, and data science professionals working with big data solutions. An added advantage of the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is that it provides a complete roadmap for professionals looking to enter the big data realm.

Career prospects

Big data helps the organization make better business decisions. Prominent data professionals with considerable data skills are ideal candidates in today's job market. An analyst once said data is useless if there's no one to analyze it – and in a world surrounded by a humongous amount of data, a career in big data is the perfect choice one can opt for today. There is no denying that big data and analytics are still topmost priorities in many organizations.

A professional with considerable data skills is an asset to an organization leveraging its business decisions.

The framework is curated so that professionals with data science skills can explore and gain sound knowledge in the field.

Are you ready to grab a career in extensive data engineering today? Download the information now!