In the past, most businesses out there used a minimal number of technologies. Things like even having a website or social media page were considered enough. However, in the modern day, the business world is fully immersed with technology. Technology can help businesses thrive in some ways.

However, despite the popularity of tech in business, there are still many underrated technologies many companies are not using. This blog post is going to look at a few of them, and why your company should be using them.

Access Management Tools

With the added efficiencies and benefits of many companies moving operations online, it comes with an increased risk of cybersecurity threats. And while hacking and other attacks still occur, it is actually human error and negligence that is responsible for many breaches and leaks. One of the best ways to protect your business from this occurring is to control access rights.

By controlling access rights, you will be able to set and monitor who will have access to private and potentially sensitive information. Not every employee needs access, so they shouldn’t all have it. Using GPO management software to manage access can be a great way to always know who has access to what sort of information.

Log Monitoring Tools

One of the most important things in business is being able to go back and reference certain things, whether for security or compliance reasons. One of the simplest ways to do this is to manage and monitor logs. Logs are an automatically-created time-stamped documentation of events relating to certain software. Most software creates them by the thousands, and they help identify errors and other activities.

Unfortunately, manually searching through logs to find errors or essential events can be painstaking and will take hours. Instead, you should be using a log monitoring tool. As you could imagine, these monitor logs and will let you know when a potential issue arises. This is much more efficient and easier than having to do all the searching and heavy lifting yourself.

Business Intelligence Tools

While using business intelligence used to be only for larger companies, it has become viable for every business now. Business intelligence is all about tracking, storing and using data to help make smarter business decisions. These decisions can be everything from how to best lower costs, how to find new opportunities for growth, and more.

There are various tools and platforms out there that make harnessing the power of business intelligence much easier. These tools can track all different types of analytics to help you make informed decisions. Some of the analytics that can be monitored are the cost per acquisition, bounce rate and demographics. Gathering insights and using business intelligence should be something every business does, no matter their size.


Artificial Intelligence is one of the most talked about technologies, but despite this, few businesses are actually using it. One of the most common ways for companies to use AI in the modern day is in the form of chatbots. A chatbot is essentially a robotic live chat that will help customers with simple questions or concerns.

Not only do chatbots help boost your customer service, but they do so without requiring you to use employee hours. Unfortunately, the functionality of many chatbots isn’t very robust yet, and they are only capable of limited responses in most cases. Even still, they provide an excellent service and don’t be shocked to see them nearly everywhere in just a few short years.

Hopefully, this article has helped you discover some high technology to use. Businesses are becoming more technological than ever before, and it is essential to keep up.