Playing Computer Games

Gaming has a bad reputation; with many going as far as accusing the activity of destroying brain cells, halting the development of social skills, and negatively affecting overall mental and physical health. However, this opinion needs to be revised as there is proof that gaming actually helps people to develop a variety of their cognitive skills. It is important to limit the amount of time you spend playing them so that you can also develop other functions and achieve the right balance too.

Reading and Thinking

There are a number of video games where the player has to rely on critical thinking to succeed. For example, Diablo involves exploring unknown territories, finding out how to acquire things, and then trading them cannily to get ahead, as well as learning and administering battle skills. Starcraft is another game that involves resource management as well as using those resources to build units. Starcraft also involves different alien species fighting for dominance using a variety of different tactics.

Reading skills are important when it comes to gaming as you have to follow what can be complex on-screen instructions in order to proceed through the game. Many games also have features which allow you to communicate with other players in real time, creating a demand for fast and accurate reading skills as well as multi-tasking.

Learning and Remembering

Games like Minecraft require a lot of research in order to learn how to play them, and at each stage there is more to learn. There are also tricks and hacks to learn so playing the game helps you to develop curiosity and the ability to process complex information. Games like Super Mario involve following a track and being interrupted by different threats popping up, which require certain actions. If you fail to avoid a threat, you have to start all over again, so you have to remember what to expect each time. This shows how video games can help you to develop strong memory skills.

Paying Attention and Applying Reason

Most of the video games which involve characters also involve various monsters or other threats, which means that as a player you have to be extremely vigilant while you play. Games like the best aim trainer also require extreme focus and hand eye co-ordination. This helps to develop an ability to pay attention and be able to really focus on hitting your targets. This shows us that the reputation that video games have of ruining your attention span is inaccurate. Tetris is a video game based on fast reasoning and problem solving, as you have to rotate different shapes to fit with one another under more and more time pressure as you progress through the levels.

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As you can see, the skills you need to play and succeed in video games are multitudinous, making them beneficial for your overall development, especially the development of your cognitive skills. They help you to improve your reading and critical thinking skills, your learning, processing, and memory skills, and your ability to sustain attention and apply reason. has more gaming content if you’re looking for it, for example their article on how to improve gaming on your laptop. And if you happen to be starting your journey into the online gaming world with the renowned game, Minecraft, do head on over to check these easy to follow minecraft tutorials.