Top Spots in USA
A car trip like no other occupation will allow you to get acquainted with the peculiarities of any country, move around its cities, as well as stop in any colorful and interesting places. USA has a big variety of spots perfect for exploring by car. When planning for the trip, ensure you got everything prepared in advance, especially your way of transportation places to visit in the USA using rented cars.

We will start our check list with one of the most exciting destination in the country – California state! Mostly you can find the best car rental in Orlando. There are various types and sizes of cars which you can hire and the best one for the family is the 8 passenger van rental Orlando since it will accommodate you as a family. Ensure that the vehicle you rent is able to take you to your destinations without failure. There are many available models for different places and the car dealers will help you in getting the best rental vans for your trip.

If you are a fan of car trips, and don’t know which destination to choose to explore, here’s a list of the best destinations:

California Coast Pacific Highway

California Coast Pacific Highway
The place has many reasons to be regarded as the best place to visit with the car in the USA. You can take your trip from San Diego, where the route has got several best coastal sceneries. You can also pass through Los Angeles Hearst Castle and San Luis Obispo where you can follow that iconic highway. You will also visit the charming known Monterey coastal town. You will land in Bay City as your last destination through this route. The place has among it, more exciting areas which you can happily explore while in San Francisco. 

Virginia Blue Ridge Parkway, USA

The place is connected with Shenandoah National Park which is located in Virginia through a distance of 755 kilometers towards the famous Smokey Mountain Park which is situated at the North Carolina side. Blue Ridge Parkway needs a road trip drive which will make you have an exciting and memorable journey. When traveling the p[lace, you might enjoy more when you drive your car at a speed of 45 mph since it has more billboards bans, no commercial towns., and has commercial traffic. The scenes are the finest in the USA and you will fully admire them where you can also make brief photo stops.

Washington Olympic National Park, USA

Washington Olympic National Park, USA
The mile is 330 to reach Olympic National Park for your loop journey that begins through the Seattle towards the Peninsula Olympic. Through this route, you can connect towards the junction 104 at highway 101 where you can now prefer if you will go clockwise or the other way. With whichever way you use, you can possibly experience very amazing views which are found at the white mountain glistening Olympic ranges tops. There are gushing waterfalls, picturesque shorelines, beautiful United States lakes, and the small logging towns. There is Lake Crescent where if you want to make your experience very unique, you can take some trekking at the Quinault and Hoh rain-forests which are found in this national park.

Pennsylvania Delaware Water Gap, USA

The place needs only a drive of 30 kilometers on the car and it will offer all the historic beauty of the USA. It is located between North Delaware and Pennsylvania where there is a small gorgeous route that can take you through several loops. You will find several scenic chateau places which have more summer speckle estates with some lined wildflower twisted roads which can trace the available Brandywine river. There are some overarching oak branches and some amazing tulip trees. When you want to experience more beautiful scenes, you will need to make a stop at Longwood Gardens on the land worth 1077 acres that has the outdoor topiary, spring-fed lakes, and the indoor gardens.

Massachusetts Cape Cod
It is a very historic place that has scenic route 6a which is the most guaranteed pleaser where you want to go to Cape Cod. The drive is 91 kilometers away from the south shore. You can pass at the Brewster and towards the Sandwich where you can meet the relish towards the charming and amazing historic villages with the dune-lands which were established during 1639. The store has however been open ever since 1850 at the old Brewster. 

Red Rocks Dessert Road Trip in Arizona, USA

It is a journey of 145 miles towards Iinterstate17 and has minor detour at the scenic ByWay Red Rock. It drives towards Arizona towards Phoenix and it seems to be a very unique road trip which you can experience when traveling during your vacations. The trip using this route will help to send you throughout the vast in the endless desert skyscrapers and terrains which seem like the rock formations which can crown your horizon and takes you through a wonderful, amazing planet.

When you want to make road trips in the USA, don’t mind about the places since the above are among the very amazing ones. They will give you scenic views and the best adventure which will change your vacation to a memorable day.