3D Scanning

Are you working on a 3d printing project? Whether you are manufacturing high-quality 3D printing prototypes or designing 3D parts, 3D scanning is an important process during any 3d printing project. While the three-dimensional representation of any object can be created by making use of a high-end 3D modelling software solution, the utilization of the advanced 3d scanning processes is inevitable. If you are interested in the concept of 3d printing and are currently considering investing in professional 3D Scanning Services for your project, you might well like to know more about the process of 3d scanning and how it works in the first place.

What is 3D Scanning?

During the production of high-quality 3D printing prototypes, 3d scanning is referred to as the process of analyzing the given object from the real world. It is also concerned with collecting all the relevant data towards recreating the overall shape as well as an appearance in a digital manner. With the help of the 3d scanning process, an object is able to become a functional 3d model. The given model is known to provide help by serving as the base for your 3d project that you look forward to developing. At the same time, the 3d model can also serve useful in reconstructing, analyzing, or simulating innovative ideas.

For 3d scanning of various objects, there is a myriad of high-end machines or methods available out there. Some of the major 3d scanning methods that are used by the industrial players include laser 3d scanning, structured light scanning, and photogrammetry. The specific selection of the particular 3d scanning method will be based on the given project or its context.

How does 3D Scanning Work?

Laser 3D Scanning: It is one of the most commonly used techniques for 3D scanning. The technique is used for digitally capturing the object’s shape using laser light technology for obtaining a digital representation of the exact object. The laser 3D scanners are capable of measuring intricate details while capturing the free form of the shapes for generating point clouds with improved accuracy.

The laser 3d scanning technique is considered right for measurement as well as inspection of highly complex geometries. It enables measuring as well as obtaining data with the help of traditional methods.

Photogrammetry: It is regarded as the science of measuring with the help of photographs. The method is known to make use of the parallax that is obtained between multiple pictures that are taken from different views. The technique of photogrammetry can be utilized for recording complicated 2d as well as 3d fields of motions. The method is used for turning multiple pictures into precise 3d designs.

Structured Light Scanning

With the help of this 3d scanning method, the camera positions that were utilized in previous methods of scanning get replaced by a high-end projector that is known for projecting light patterns on the object’s surface. The specific way in which the object is able to distort the respective patterns gets recorded and leads to the creation of highly precise 3d scans.

Make the most of the right 3d scanning process.

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