7 AC Blunders

An air conditioner is a handy accessory to keep you safe from the hot and muggy summer. It is very important to ensure that your AC is always ready for the hot period. A well-maintained AC will not make you worried about a huge energy bill. There are various mistakes you might make that might compromise the efficiency of your AC. It is very important to avoid these for your unit to cool faster without worrying about energy waste and huge cooling bills. Below are AC blunders you should avoid.

Keeping your windows and doors open

An air conditioner works by pulling in warm air from your interior. This goes over the refrigerant to absorb heat. The cool air then is blown back into your interior as the absorbed heat goes out through the back part of the AC unit. The air inside and outside should be isolated for your AC to work. Keeping the windows and doors open allows expelled heat to come back into the interior. Ensure to keep all windows and doors closed for your unit to work efficiently.

Neglecting to circulate air with a fan

Do you always use a fan when warm and your AC when hot? Keep in mind that an air conditioner works well if you combine it with an automated ceiling fan. Cool air is likely to accumulate where it is blown out. Window AC units have the space in front as the coolest while for a central unit, it is the area around the vents. Keeping the rest of your space cool requires waiting for thermal transfer to happen or to force cool air to circulate in your space using a fan. The circulation makes sweat evaporate faster to cool the skin. Setting the AC to a high temperature will keep you comfortable on a hot day on a low energy bill.

Installing a poorly sized unit

This is a huge mistake you’re likely to make before turning on your AC. All units are designed to serve a particular air space. Installing a too big or too small unit for your space is not a good idea. This explains why you should get professional assistance for AC installation in Houston. The technician will guide you on selecting the right sized unit to meet your requirements. A small unit works harder to serve a big space leading to easy deterioration and use of more energy. Alternatively, an over-sized unit cools too much air but creates linger humidity making your room muggy and warmer.

Not changing the AC filter

Regardless of how clean your interior might seem, there are tiny particles floating in the air that usually get sucked in the AC as it works. The filter limits these from causing damage to the unit’s internal parts. With time, the filter is likely to become dirty from particle buildup leading to restricted airflow. Your air conditioner is likely to work harder to keep your space cool.

If you keep using your unit with a dirty filter, you are likely to end up with skyrocketing energy bills and increased maintenance costs. A wonderful idea is to have a technician replace your filter at least once a month. If you use your unit less often, you can change the filter every three months. If your unit has a removable filter, you just clean and rinse the filter without buying a new one.

Forgetting to clean the unit

An air conditioner is prone to condensation as it operates. This is normal and a quality unit has a way to eliminate condensation before wreaking havoc. Condensation runs off before it drips out of the unit. However, condensation can collect to promote mold and bacteria inside the unit. The AC is likely to blow cool air into your interior combined with mold and bacteria. This comes with a risk of health conditions like pneumonia, asthma, legionnaire’s disease, and black mold invasion. Cleaning your unit regularly is essential before summer to avoid such issues.

Postponing AC maintenance

A maintenance schedule for your unit helps to extend its lifespan while ensuring that it operates in good shape. This will make your AC work faster and cool efficiently while lessening energy bills. Have a technician to inspect your unit regularly. Additionally, avoid hesitating to call a professional when your unit isn’t working efficiently. The conditions to look for include:
  • Bad odors
  • Leaking liquid
  • Unusual black growth
  • Grinding or dripping noise

Keeping heating appliances in your interior

It is not a good idea to keep heat-generating appliances in your interior. These are likely to make your AC to work less efficiently and effectively. Consider replacing all single-paned windows with double paned options. Ensure to have all cracks sealed to avoid heat from leaking. Have light-colored curtains to cover all windows and to keep them closed during hot periods. 
  • Other ideas to consider include:
  • Enhancing insulation on walls in direct sunlight
  • Limiting working on your computer indoors
  • Lessening the use of washers and dryers
  • Limiting cooking on the stove or oven

Bottom line

To ensure a livable environment in your space, ensure to work with a professional AC technician to maintain or properly size your air conditioner.

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