How Dentists Use Social Media

The social media platform continues to advance and grow both in entertainment and in providing practical information for individuals around the world. Just the other day, the international world telecommunications gave their technological estimates. A whopping 51.2% of the entire global populations represented by 3.9 billion people are using the internet and primarily social media.

Individuals are using the internet as their information source. A person visiting the doctor today already knows what is ailing them. With the vast range of medical information from medical websites such as WebMD to individual medical doctor’s blogs, patient’s access to preventive health information is now easier and simpler. Dentists are also taking on social media to provide their patients with the essential services they need. Here is how they are doing it.

Writing dentist blogs

dentist blogs

Patient education is becoming a priority for the world. People have embraced the need to be responsible for their health status with emphasis on specific medical knowledge. Nurses, doctors and social health officers, among others, have committed to educating the masses. Dentists are not left behind, and you might be wondering what they speak about. Well, dentistry is a vast discipline that encompasses a lot of oral knowledge.

Through blogging, dentists can offer first-hand information to patients seeking different dentist services. They can also brand their blogs, increasing its uniqueness and visibility online. Besides, a single blog post can reach more patients than those visiting the clinic on any single day.

Statistics show that almost every person has a phone subscription and a single person out a total of four accesses internet and use it for self-diagnosis. With a post providing oral hygiene information, how to maintain proper oral hygiene, and what causes terrible oral health, individuals get the ability to make a better decision.

Blogs provide a simple but comprehensive educational dental tactics that can link to any social media platform. The information portrays the blog as an expert source which instils trust in people. It builds the need for individuals to seek dental services by visiting your blog.

Use of videos

People tend to believe what they see at a larger scale than what they read. Many writings on the internet come with their video interpretations. If you search how to remove your baby tooth, you will get information in writing on different sites and also videos interpretations of the same. The dentist uses video as a medium to show various medical procedures. For, e.g. how stainless steel crown is fixed and to show how it helps in strengthening milk teeth and ensure the permanent teeth will be perfectly aligned.

Videos can go viral in a minute, especially if they are catchy and provide the right information. Let’s take the example of the singing dentists whose dental lyrics reached millions of viewers. The words gave explanations of different dental terms, including dental hygiene for children. As a result, his clinic is always full. The educational videos he made, proved to be the best marketing medium for his dental practice.

Fun videos require creativity and addressing current issues with current themes. You need to be unique to reach the desired crowd. If it aims to teach young kids, singing is the better choice. However, if you aim to reach young teens, you can use video games, animations, full songs with fresh and up to date lyrics to match their styles. If unable, get a professional team to help you out.

Partner with other dental professionals

As a Dentist in Lancaster, you need additional medical professionals to succeed in your practice. Professional relationships come with numerous complications. However, you may be unable to perform dental surgeries, while other professionals deliver them in a heartbeat. Besides, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and other dental specialists provide essential services your patients might need.

A partnership is beneficial to you, the professionals and the patient fraternity. With the right social media or network platform, you can create a group or link to each other’s sites. It will not only increase your internet viewing, but you also increase the range of professional information accessible to your patients. Such associations/ dental professional hubs are only a consideration; if the other source has more following, provides quality, and comprehensive information.

To partner, furnish the educational content on your blog or website to match the target audience. Seek other sites, individual blogs, or internet platforms that have dominance in the field and link to them. Seek permission to have your content visible via their websites or as an affiliate site. You can also redirect your patients to those sites through your dental education content if the services they want are available there.

Social communities and platforms

Sharing on social media platforms is one of the best ways of providing educational content to all your patients. Imagine a child whose teeth are stained and require bleaching, teeth that need realignment and ask, how do they look now, and how will they look after treatment? Providing a clear image of the current appearance and after surgery, appearance sells and educates far more than speaking or singing.

Ensuring customer retention and better patient education, pictures and moving objects or videos are much more effective compared to written words. Besides, it offers evidence of the outcome, which speaks loudest. Through Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter, you can grow a whole dental community. Furthermore, with the right content, you will be able to retain them and acquire more site visits.


Social platforms can be a tricky way to spread information about dental health. However, they provide the most significant reach, and individuals are in search of this information. With the above ideas, you as a dental medical professional, you can reach your patients much more easily and faster with social platforms. Furthermore, you can educate them to follow strict dental health measures at all times while at the comfort of their homes.