Cognitive Ability Tests

Does this sound familiar - you are just a few weeks into your dream job, and the buzz and excitement of starting fresh ebb away when the thought of scoring well on a cognitive test comes up?

Of course, it is difficult to pass any aptitude test at first; cognitive ability tests are the same. Cognitive tests are the family of psychometric tests designed to measure your general intelligence.

These tests are usually in multiple-choice format with questions from the verbal, numerical, abstract, and logical sections.

Are you feeling nervous about it? While taking the test and wasting the opportunity is easy, you will regret this later.

So, here are 5 last-minute tips to easily pass the cognitive ability tests: 

Start From The Basics:

Think of the strategies you applied when you were a high school lad. Think of all the good study habits that you have learned and apply them now. For example, take your breaks, keep an eye on the syllabus, and try things you once did to keep your mind active and interested.

Start a plan and then move. Don't put yourself under unnecessary pressure, as sleeping on books will not relax you. Don't rely on caffeine to stay active; instead, eat healthily and things to make your body happy.

Focus, But Not On Perfection:

Your prime goal should be answering the correct questions rather than completing the test. This way, you will attempt questions that will increase your score. Also, only a few candidates responded correctly, and a small number finished the test.

Also, practice makes you perfect, so don't skip that! Practice as many questions as you can to prepare for what you will encounter.

You can get help from online courses, books, and more to ensure you complete all question types. Make time to participate in mock tests, giving you a sense of being in a real aptitude test.

Know Your Strengths:

Knowing your strengths is one of the most critical factors that will help you increase your score. This is achieved through practice. With practice, you can identify which areas need more attention and which can score you highly.

Also, some students are good in English while others are good in numeric, so identify them and answer. Moreover, if you encounter a question for which you take more time, simply skip it and move to the next.

Time Can Dread You:

If you are short of time and have hardly attempted 4-5 questions, you may be far from your dream job. Since the cognitive ability test is time-bound, you will get only a few minutes to attempt the examination.

This also means a clock will run to one side of the screen, and you can spend no more than a minute on each question. So, attempt short questions first and then come to the long ones. If you encounter questions outside your niche, skip them, as most cognitive tests don't mark the wrong answer negatively.

Make An Educative Guess:

We often encounter questions for which we need clarification and spend a couple of hours solving them. However, instead of wasting time on one question, make an educated guess and move to another. Just make sure:

There won't be any penalty for the wrong answer

You can quickly get back to the previous question if you remember the correct answer

If you are one of those who think that cognitive tests are not for you and you are wrong, just keep the above tips in mind and head to the competition.