Homeschooling their Kids

The decision to homeschool means that as a parent, you are intimately involved with giving your child the best education possible. Some families make the choice for flexibility, others because of the local school system inadequacies and still more because they want their child to receive an affordable Christian education. Regardless of which of these is the primary factor, you are choosing to step outside of the traditional format and keeping your children home to learn everything they need to know.

Parents who homeschool their children often have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with them because they are together all the time. To make the most of the experience and keep all aspects of the relationship running smoothly, it is a good idea to setup up designated school times so that mom/dad can wear the ‘teacher/principal’ hat only during those hours. It also works for the child who is a ‘student’ during school hours and a kid the rest of the time. This also sets boundaries for students so that they can ask questions immediately when they are focused on the material instead of waiting until later when everyone is busy with other tasks. This closeness builds a stronger family unit and sets a good foundation for the teenage years when parent/child relationships are typically more challenging and rocky.

Many parents are gifted with understanding and have skills in all subject areas or one or two but instead of being limited to just helping with homework, they can make the decision to be fully or partly involved in the hands-on home education process. The best online Christian high school provides quality backed professional instructors on a full-time basis to ensure students receive what they need to satisfy national standards and credit hours. However, parents can elect to be part or full-time teachers for the lower grades making them the primary educator for their child. Assistance is always available from the platform and the online portal is equipped with a lesson planner to keep everyone on track along with providing links to resources and aids to supplement the education. Parents can use their knowledge combined with their experience to help make concepts more understandable and to learn how their kids think and grasp the material. You don't need to spend a load of time on prep work. There is various comprehensive kindergarten curriculum available online that is designed to meet the needs and challenge the abilities of kindergartners.

Some families have two working parents while others have only one but the challenge is the same in having to choose the best education format for the children. Homeschooling through online Christian high schools puts parents in control and allows them to choose from a wide range of platforms, curriculums and teaching options with the caveat that whatever is elected must meet state requirements which can be easily researched online. The benefit is that parents can choose a home education that works for their unique situation whether it is routine relocations due to employment, medical conditions that limit the child’s ability to be in school on a regular basis or removing stress factors for kids. Since parents can choose whether to be a full-time teacher or leave that to the platform, homeschooling can be used by any family and still be flexible enough to work within their dynamics since kids can eliminate having to do homework in the evenings, allowing for more family time.

Safety is a top concern that parents have and while it is important to expose them to situations so they can learn how to respond, the fear and anxiety that is associated with sending them to school in today’s environment can be difficult. Homeschooling allows parents to evaluate the situation and determine if the better approach is to keep kids at home and allow them to focus on their studies without the distraction of other students and the possibilities of what could happen. This decreases the stress and tension for parents since they know the online Christian high school will provide the best education courses through a reliable system solution and the environment is no longer a factor. Students can dramatically increase their grades when they are able to relax and complete their studies with no interference from bullying or peer pressure.

Parents want the best for their kids and education is just one way to set them up for success. The family unit is designed to build a foundation, share faith values, develop relationships and learn necessary skills and life lessons. These can happen whether a child is in a public school or homeschooled but the richness of the parent’s involvement and influence is significantly increased with the latter option. The best-accredited homeschooling platform makes this process simple for students and parents with the support, resources and tools for all grades including Honor classes, college prep courses and more. Go online to check out the opportunities and speak with an Admissions counsellor to get started so that the entire family can experience the benefits home education has to offer.

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