Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the second most engaging social media application after Facebook. As of the 2019 statistics, Instagram boasts over one billion active users, and it continues to expand its horizons.

Once used for sharing holiday or weekend pictures, the app has now grown to a huge marketing platform. There are a large number of advertisers and influencers on the app with a massive amount of followers. With the right plan, you can make Instagram a revenue-generating tool and create an influential brand! You might be required to learn and excel using multiple apps to add x-factor in your posts and also use an Instagram tracker to track engagement on your Instagram posts.

But, it is quite tricky to find how to use the popular platform as a marketing tool. Here are six easy Instagram marketing tips that will help you grow your brand-

Switch To The Business Profile

Before starting an Instagram marketing plan, make sure that you have an Instagram Business account. It is an easy process. Just head to the settings, tap on ‘Switch on Business Profile,’ and get started.

Using a business profile, you can create and publish posts without needing Facebook’s advertising tools. Also, business profiles have access to the analytic tools that help you know about the impressions and reach of your posts. There are plenty of services available to buy instant Instagram followers to improve the visibility of your posts.

Post Product Teasers

If you scare or annoy the users with your advertisements, they are likely to drop like flies. In spite of over-posting the ads, you can use product teaser posts. It is a simple yet effective way to talk about a product.

When you tease the users about the products of their interest, they are more likely to buy something. If not so, at least they’ll engage with the post by liking, commenting, or sharing it.

Create Sponsored Ads To Target The Audience

Instagram ads can be a game-changer for your business! Sponsored ads with engaging content look appealing and amazingly target your audience.

Different forms of sponsored ads are stories, videos, photos, carousel, etc. You can turn the existing posts into high-performing ads, and push them to your potential customers.

Create An Interactive Branding Hashtag

Interactive hashtags are a great way to create instant engagement. Many of the customers use these tags to post their photos with the products they purchased. Every time someone posts an image or content using the tag, they expose your company or brand to their connections. Further, it helps you to get real Instagram followers and likes that play a crucial in the advertising world.

Make The Best Use Of User-Submitted Photos

Many businesses use tons of user-generated content to show off their products on the Instagram page. It is a strategy that encourages users to generate engaging content.

You might be wondering how this tip pushes the users to do so. The reason is that the audience may also want to grow their following. Let them know that you’ll tag them in a post if they generate good-quality content consistently.

Further, if someone with a large following re-shares your user-generated image, those followers are likely to check your page out. So, it is an excellent tip for you and your customers as well.

Partner With Influencers To Reach Potential Customers

Many of the people buy products based on what they see in their feed from the influencers. So, you can identify the influential people with an audience that is relevant to your products and services.

By building a relationship with an influencer, you create lasting brand awareness among the new audience.


Undoubtedly, Instagram has dominated social media as well as the advertising world. It is the right time that you do your part to fetch the likes and followers for promoting your business.

These tidbits of advice would prove to be helpful in Instagram marketing. You just need to find the one that resonates best with your target audience.