With more than 3 billion users 2 years ago, from all across the world, social media became a fantastic channel for companies to interact with the customers, improve marketing strategies and make brand awareness. Also, if the target audience admires visuals, then it becomes unavoidable to ignore visual based platform which gets 80 million image updates each day.

The Instagram…

Particularly, brands that belong to fashion, food or travel industry can have the amazing opportunity of engaging with the audience on this app. Still, just 30% of the businesses seem active on social media, have their Instagram account & can you get facebook video views. It may be thought that because of the low adoption rate of businesses, there will be lesser competition on the platform and it will be easier to get more followers and engagement. But that’s not true.

The user growth rate on Instagram reached 700 million in two years from zero in only 7 years. And that's not it. The engagement rate on Instagram is 4 times better as compared to Facebook for brands. In fact, some media companies have 10 to 12 times higher engagement.

So, the problem lies for the newbies for having a higher engagement rate in this pool of content. For solving this issue, Instagram launched its algorithm which shows users the content in which they have interests. They will use the relationship with other users and timings of the post also for filling your feed on Instagram. This shows that now you can’t only reply to the industry-based updates, posting content of any type or other such old tactics. You need to focus much more on the preferences of your followers and use new techniques for engaging with them.

Here are 5 sure-fire tactics for newbies which can help them in gaining a higher engagement rate on Instagram with the targeted audience. 

So, let’s start.

1. Make an Instagram engagement Strategy

Many years ago, an algorithm of “EdgeRank” was introduced by Facebook. The objective was to filter automatically and decide which posts can get through to the users who follow your account and which posts must be restricted.

Using that algorithm, Instagram started to sort out content in the feed of your followers on the basis of kind of content and recency. So, the higher you post, the more people will see it. Plan your engagement strategy on Instagram in such a way that it aligns equally with an algorithm and can beat it vigorously. 

2. Post visual-based content regularly

  • Do you the reason for the popularity of Instagram?
  • Because it is a visual-based platform.
No wonder that many people are basically visual-oriented and most of the info gets transmitted to your brand in the form of visuals. Images catch more attention and create emotions; thus people like to spend many hours while scrolling the get Instagram Views feeds.

So, how it helps to increase engagement? Posting content on Instagram brings more engagement. And one of the best methods to hook the followers with you is to post the visual content on a regular basis.

But, never over post the content, because it can make your followers think that you are spam. Also, you won’t afford to miss publishing as they probably forget about your brand. So, the key to success is to maintain.

3. Load up the updates with unique and relevant hashtags

You may know the effectiveness of the famous hashtags already for reaching the targeted audience on Instagram.

  • So, how can you use them for increasing engagement?
  • You can say that unique and relevant hashtags can work as a language for speaking with your followers. It is a powerful tool that can make your audience interact with you.

4. Analyze and track your followers

Do you own a business profile or a personal account on Instagram?

For growing the engagement rate on Instagram, it is highly recommended to switch your personal account to a business profile as it provides you with the additional features of viewing the insights and thus lets you know about your followers in a better way.

5. Reach your potential audience

  • Do you wish of having more followers on your account?
  • Look for the targeted audience and get interested in their posts first!
Furthermore, reaching out to the potential audience can be a way of grabbing attention without investing money in advertising. It is in the nature of humans that they pay attention to people who take an interest in them. Thus many users check different unknown accounts who comment and like their posts. Also, it can guarantee more users to know about you and your brand.

Those people who own massive follower base on Instagram, they can share the tags and photos of the potential audience on their own accounts for promoting them and attracting their attention also.