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Fun fact: as of the first quarter of 2019 android users can choose between 2.1 million apps and those forever Apple people have their pick out of a cool 1.8 million. Now, let’s talk about 5 that matter to us. Scroll down for the marketing software apps used by today’s top marketers.

Kitcast TV

  • Digital signage software
  • Founded in 2014
  • Monthly fee: monthly fees per screen $26 / Yearly fees per screen $24

I’m very big on customer reviews and these guys seem to have gotten it right – they have overwhelmingly positive mostly five-star reviews. They offer professional cloud-based digital signage screen for Android or Apple. Your marketers will be able to create any content you want to then easily schedule, manage and upload it to your connected screens with just a simple click. Mostly, Kitcast TV stands out for its smart approach to features and functions: they tend to stick to essentials designing them till they hit perfection. Moreover, their highly devoted approach to design is exactly why we are recommending them to anyone who asks and doesn’t. Design matters and they know it. Kitcast tests out their templates, they know their “it” colors and fonts, and they have the largest library of images, icons, and photos.

Additionally, they’ve really done their homework and whatever you need – they’ve got your team covered. Whether your marketing team is working with deploying signage on a network of screens for a chain of nationwide clothing stores is helping to set up content for a single digital menu screen in a coffee shop, or maybe installing a safety warning screens for a factory, laying out a campaign to engage students in University, working with a SPA, a church, a food court, whatever it is – Kit cast won’t let your team down. It’s the best software for creating powerful DS content.


  • Social Management Software
  • Founded in 2008
  • Monthly fee: Basic plan is free, Pro plan is $19 a month (free 30-day trial), Team plan is $99 per month (free 30-day trial), Business plan $599 per month, the monthly price for the Enterprise, plan is given upon request

I absolutely hate Hootsuite. Mostly for their amazing Vancouver offices, both of them. With their nap rooms, and table tennis, the organic cold-pressed juice, the "sunken lounge" with beanbag chairs and dog-friendly office policy. They need to seriously cool it with their offices. As far as their soft goes, if your marketers can manage to set aside office envy, it is superb. Hootsuite will allow your team to keep tabs on the community and stay on top of each network. With Hootsuite, you promote even church management software without much effect. Hootsuite will help them to post, monitor and schedule all of your social media content absolutely everywhere: Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Foursquare, are all at their disposal.

Moreover, your team will be able to efficiently monitor keywords and, most importantly, measure your success. Hootsuite has great features and tools for analytics so marketers can always check the performance of each account. Their reports will show if you have hit the mark with your post, show the followers count and click-through along with the general info about the subscriber base – their age, gender, location, etc. But you can still find a better substitute of Hootsuite in the market waiting for you.

Google Analytics

  • Digital Analytics
  • Founded in 1998
  • Monthly fee: Standard version is free, a Google account is required. Google Analytics 360 $150,000 per year.
Yet another must-have for our list. If your marketers want to understand your target online audience and increase sales and leads – this is the one to download. And yes, there are a lot of great analytical platforms out there and you can have your pick between Google AdWords or the Click, comScore, Adobe Analytics or MOZ, but, I’d stick to the classics. Google Analytics is much more than just a tool for analyzing and comparing site traffic, GA soft is designed to help your marketing team to improve your business. GA helps marketers to understand what kind of the first impression your brand makes, and allow for an opportunity to make some changes to those pages driving people away. Your team can analyze the website traffic, see where the visits are re-directed from and design your following campaigns with a much better understanding of your target audience. The ability to check brands' place in the SEO rankings, segment the audience, and become more visible with the right keywords are all GA benefits. Not to mention, the often overlooked feature of setting goals and getting some insight into competitor's traffic is also praised by today’s top marketers.


  • Marketing Analytics
  • Founded in 2012
  • Monthly fee: get a price quote from the company
If your team is in need of some help to start making smarter marketing decisions – this is the software to choose from. Pathmatics turns the world’s marketing data into actionable insights. They are now the second-best marketing analytics software and were voted the third one in terms of ease of use. Pathmatics is everything digital you need to know about individual advertisers, multiple advertisers, and entire categories. Your marketers will be able to obtain all of the necessary information on competitors, see how much a brand spends on advertising, how many direct or indirect impressions the brand received and even look at what was spend in a period of time that is of interest. Pathmatics will help your team to continuously produce winning campaigns. By carrying out a complex analysis of competition in your field, Pathmatics soft will be able to pin-point the opportunities they’re missing and direct or re-direct your marketing efforts in the right way. Furthermore, marketers are able to see which websites are popular, compare the sites and see how your website needs to be changed to gain more impressions without spending tons of money.

Facebook Pages Manager

  • Social Media Management
  • Founded in 2004
  • Monthly fee: free
19 Billion users. That is all your marketing team needs to know about all of the Facebook business related soft. And if for some reason your marketing team isn’t really fond of Facebook these days – what you need to do is hire a new team. No productive marketing team can get through the day without this soft, nor should they. FPM is designed to check on the activity of all of the Facebook pages, view insights and respond to the audience in a timely manner. The latest Facebook statistics show that over eight billion messages are exchanged between customers and businesses on Facebook in a month, and your business is definitely a part of that statistic. This means that people are choosing the massager as a primary form of communication with brands. And, if you are a bigger brand and customers flood your Messenger – this is the time to invest in Messenger bots and provide the best customer service possible.