E-bike's Battery Life

When it comes to maintaining your e-bike, you want everything to last as long as possible. Of course, this includes your e-bike’s battery life.

If this is something that you want to improve, then this article is the one for you. Below are eight tips and tricks that will help you increase your e-bike’s overall battery life.

Use the right tires

The right tires can help reduce the strain on your battery which is why you need to be careful about your tire of choice.

When choosing the tire for your e-bike, you need to consider pressure with the pattern of the tread as well as the compound of the tire. When it comes to energy efficiency or the reduction of battery drain, what you want from a tire is less rolling resistance.

However, the tire’s rolling resistance will affect how well you’re able to control your e-bike. So it's important that you find tires that are able to balance out your need for control over the bike, as well as your need to have long-lasting battery life.

Pedal smoothly

Surprisingly, your pedaling technique also has a significant effect on your battery life. In fact, it comes to the strength and speed of your pedaling. You must try to be consistent with your pedaling technique and not go all over the place.

Aside from that, you should try to make the transition between your pedaling speed smooth as much as possible so that you don't put that strain on your motor as well as your battery. The good pedaling technique can help you save a lot of energy because you aren't wasting fuel from your battery as you constantly change the stroke of your pedaling.

Ride smoothly too

If you're riding against the wind, it is going to put a strain on your batteries’ energy. So you might want to circumvent this issue through your riding technique or your riding speed.

When you are riding against the wind, you are working against strong resistance. This will put a strain on your motors and will require quite a bit of energy from your battery.

What you can do to lessen the strain of wind resistance to your motor and your batteries’ energy is to start slowing down instead of pumping or pedaling faster. Not only will pedaling against the wind at a slower pace be more energy-efficient, but it is also generally a safer way of cycling.

Less tire pressure, more traction

As mentioned before, you want to have as low of rolling resistance as possible when it comes to increasing your e-bike’s battery life.

Of course, this doesn't mean you have to go on as lower rolling resistance possible because it does affect your overall control of the e-bike. That said, people think that if you have a very high tire pressure it makes for lower rolling resistance.

However, this doesn’t apply to every situation at all. When you're off the road, chances are you're going to have places where you don't have as much traction as you would want which will definitely affect how long your e-bike will last on one charge.

Thus you should make sure that you have a tire pressure appropriate to your type of cycling as well as your weight.

Choose the right Mode

Obviously, if you're cranking the mode of your bike all throughout the day, you're going to have a very low battery life. According to Legend Ebikes, as much as possible, choose the appropriate mode for the appropriate instance so that your bike’s battery life lasts as long as it could possibly do.

Many e-bikes have different modes so get to know these modes. That way, you’ll know which one is appropriate for which time.

Oil your chain

It was mentioned before how pedaling smoothly is an energy-efficient way of making your e-bike battery life increase. On that note, regularly oiling your chain will make you pedal more efficiently and it can also improve your motor overall efficiency. Do make sure that once you oil your chain, leave it for a couple of minutes before you remove excess oil.
Store the battery in cooler temperatures

Lithium batteries are affected by their environment. So if you leave your e-bike somewhere hot, it can affect the overall battery life.

Make sure that you have the proper storage facility for your e-bike so that it is not under the direct sunlight.

Don’t always fully discharge your battery

You might be under the impression that you should charge your battery once it's truly empty. However, studies have shown that this isn't the case. In fact, what you're doing is you are reducing the lifespan of your batteries by quite a lot.

What you should be doing instead is you should leave a partially charged battery and regularly charge it. By having this regular charging cycle for your battery you are extending the lifespan of your battery.

You shouldn't ideally be operating your e-bike when the battery is at the lower half of its discharge cycle. Instead, you should have a regular charging session and you should be operating your bike when it is at the upper half of the discharge cycle so that you don't decrease the lifespan of your battery.