Moving To Miami, FL

While Miami often seems like the land of endless sunshine, great food, and a lot of celebrity run-ins, there can be a bit of a learning curve for new transplants. Before you plan for your mojito-filled beach days after your move, make sure all your bases are covered. Read on for nine important tips to keep in mind before moving to beautiful Miami.

1. Miami is Smaller Than You Think

Though Miami’s party reputation makes this city seem larger than life, in reality, Miami clocks in at 55 square miles. Miami is part of Miami-Dade county which is made up of 35 different municipalities. Thus, moving to Miami will mean you’re about to take up residence in one of its well-populated communities. Popular choices include Miami Beach, South Miami, Hialeah, Coral Gables, and Key Biscayne.

2. Use the PARC Trick to Find Addresses

While it’s easy to get lost in a new city, Miami isn’t as hard to navigate as you might think. The county is basically organized as a grid. Use the PARC (place, avenue, road, or court) acronym to help you remember that all these addresses go north to south.

3. Coral Gables and Hialeah are Off the Grid

When using the PARC acronym, don’t try to apply it to Hialeah or Coral Gables addresses. Street signs in the Gables are typically featured low to the ground on the corners. Likewise, Hialeah has its own number system, which makes Waze and Google Maps the best navigators in this situation.

4. You’ll Need a Car

As populated as Miami is, public transportation shouldn’t be depended on. This is especially true if you live in a different municipality than the one that you work in. Though buses and ride-sharing services are available, in many parts of Miami, they are unreliable. For the smoothest move, it’s best to bring a car with you.

5. Miami Drivers are Unique

Miami drivers are unlike any other drivers in the world. South Floridians like to use their horns more often than not, roll through the stop signs, and hardly ever use turn signals. Patience is an absolute must in order to get used to these unique drivers.

6. Miami Winters are the Best

There’s a reason the prices for plane tickets to Miami skyrocket in the winter. Anyone and everyone will flock to South Florida during the colder months because of how beautiful the weather is. While Miami’s endless sunshine can be aggravating in the summer, it makes your 70-degree winter days feel like you’re living paradise.

7. Hurricane Season Isn’t a Joke

While hurricanes don’t often make it out of the southernmost corner of the United States, moving to Miami will put you directly in the line of fire. Prepare yourself by stocking up on essentials and fortifying your home or apartment during the months between June and November. Once the summer is over, you'll be able to look forward to beautiful winter days.

8. Approach Cafecito with Caution

Even the most die-hard coffee drinkers find that cafecito is on another level. This shot of Cuban coffee is Miami’s preferred way to drink coffee, but it’s incredibly powerful. This sweet and delicious shot of caffeine should always be approached with caution as it really packs a punch.

9. Flip-Flops are the Go-To Shoe

While flip-flops may be regarded as shower shoes anywhere else in the world, in Miami, they complete every outfit. Whether you’re running errands or going out for drinks, flip-flops are accepted almost everywhere. These summery shoes make it easy to visit the beach on a whim while keeping your feet easy and breezy all day.

Though Miami is often a tourist’s dream vacation, it can be an entirely different experience for people that live there. Make sure your upcoming move is everything you expect it to be by following these key tips.