Best Costa Rica Vacation

From lush rainforest and active volcanoes to splendid coastline and cloud forests, Costa Rica’s diversity inspires a spirit of exploration in all travelers. As such, this Central American country has become a favorite travel destination.

Some of the best all inclusive family resorts in Costa Rica offer plans that suit the travel goals of every individual. In fact, they are attracting millions of visitors every year and offer an upscale experience.

Irrespective of whether you want to surf at the beaches, go on volcano tours, see the wildlife, hike through the rainforest, or simply have a rejuvenating spa treatment, Costa Rica has it all covered. So, here are some tips for planning your next holiday to this amazing country

Take It Easy

Family trips need a lot of planning. As such, it can be tempting to schedule every detail to the minute because you think it will simplify your itinerary. Plan now, worry less. Right? While this certainly works to some extent, over-planning may backfire. It is entirely okay to take a ‘’burnout’’ time during your vacation. Sure, you are full of energy and enthusiasm in the beginning, but traveling is inherently tiring! Consider leaving some room for downtime in your itinerary. This way, all your family members can enjoy any small activity that lies outside the travel plan.

Check Out the All-Inclusive Resorts

Consider checking out the best all inclusive family resorts in Costa Rica because they take care of all your travel requirements. From accommodation to dining, your family will be in the best hands. Also, parents can relax knowing that the kids are safe on the property. But you will undoubtedly want to spend some outdoor time in Costa Rica by exploring the rainforest or ocean. Well, you can do that too!

While most visitors to all-inclusive resorts prefer to have a lazy beach vacation, there is no limit on what you can do! Remember that Costa Rica is an ‘’active country’’. There are tons of activities waiting to be explored, and dozens of restaurants that offer delicious local food. You can check out all these while staying in all-inclusive resorts.

Embrace the Green Season

Generally, spring break and Christmas are the popular seasons for family travel. But the prices may be higher, and hotel reservations must be made well in advance. Traveling from May through September will give you greater savings and fewer crowds for you to compete. What’s more, traveling off-season will even let you enjoy the beautiful weather. Enjoy the bright and sunny mornings with light afternoon showers.

Enjoy a lot of pool presence and spa treatment. Fewer crowds also mean more beach chairs, lesser people on your tour, and more personalized service. The green season is when you can enjoy the Pura Vida way of life on your Costa Rica trip. This is the no-worry, go-with-the-flow living that can be best understood by talking to locals. The friendly population of Costa Rica is all excited to share their culture. The best way you can experience it is by getting away from the hustle and bustle of the dry season.

Don’t Expect Perfection

The key to enjoying a great Costa Rica family vacation is to have realistic expectations. You can alleviate a lot of self-imposed pressure by accepting that there are bound to be hiccups during the travel. Although rewarding, traveling with the family can become stressful.

Airports, packing, getting everyone ready on time, handling passports, and other hassles may burden you. So, gear up yourself for success – understand there will be blockades and set ahead to break them with punches!

Private Tours for a Greater Personal Experience

You can take a guided tour to hike in the rainforest but when it comes to spotting wildlife, time is of importance. Animals are fast, and you need to be quick enough to spot them in a crowded tour. Private tours, on the other hand, will give you enough space and time to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty.

Best Adventures for the Family


This is a fun way to bring together an entire family for an outdoor adventure. Enjoy the sea kayaking tours in Manual Antonio National Park. Get captivated by the bright blue waters and watch out for pelicans and sea turtles!

Catamaran Tours

Stray away from the land and get your sea spirit ready! You are on a catamaran tour! Visit isolated islands, rocky coastlines, and calm bays with towering cliffs. Lounge and snorkel on secluded beaches and snack on your favorite food. Whatever you wish to do, these catamaran tours are simply the best for enjoying great family time!

Boat Tours

Spend time on the open sea or splash along the sandy beaches. You can even hire a private yacht and go swimming or lounging in paradise. Watch the whales and dolphins and go paddleboarding after a short break.

Planning a family vacation in Costa Rica is one of the best traveling ideas. With pristine nature and family-friendly spots, this country has something exciting for everyone.