I love  NY t-shirt

With their practicality and boundless diversity, T-shirts are an unprecedented platform for fashion, political, and personal statements.

Despite the unlimited freedom to design your own T-shirt which can never get old, there have been a few designs that have stood out over the years and withstood the test of time.

Here are some of the most iconic T-shirt designs that have been popping up on the chest of people from all walks of life for decades.

I ♥ NY

This is one of the more simplistic and also popular designs on the list. On top of that, it probably has the humblest beginnings as well, as it was first drawn on a napkin by Milton Glaser.

The design was originally created in 1977 to promote tourism, and it seems to have managed to fulfill its purpose and then some, killing two birds with one stone - New York is one of the most coveted towns to visit in the world, and this is one of the most well-known T-shirt designs globally.

I’m with Stupid

Another proof that the designs that stick are often the most basic ones, as long as they have a hook. And what better hook than the ability to playfully make fun of whoever you’re with?

Of course, the catch here is that you need to be with someone, otherwise the design might backfire, especially if you’re standing sideways next to a mirror.

Mickey Mouse

It’s crazy to think that an animated character, and one of the most childish ones at that, has been worn on T-shirts by anyone from 6-year old girls to wild rock stars. It just goes to show how the famous mouse and its creator Disney transcend ages, cultures, and lifestyles.

Mickey Mouse first appeared on a T-shirt in the 1940s and hasn’t faded away since. Emilio Estevez also contributed to the design’s popularity by flaunting it in “The Outsiders.”

Jurassic Park

Few designs induce a double dose of 90s nostalgia as instantly as Jurassic Park. The logo is not only super cool in itself, but its round shape and defined lines work perfectly on a T-shirt.


Another contender for the simplest memorable design award, while fcuk may seem like a bold fashion statement of the innuendo kind, it’s actually just a clever use of the acronym of the British company “French Connection.” The campaign is a display of how simple marketing brilliance can be, as all it takes sometimes is a sharp eye to spot a somewhat accidental opportunity.

fcuk is the kind of word/logo that always gets a second look.

Three Wolf Moon

If you think fcuk’s fame is somewhat random, just wait until you learn the origin of this design’s popularity, which despite being beautiful in itself, it has little to do with its iconic status.

These T-shirts were actually made famous by an Amazon review that borders with a comedy premise/funny ad. It basically goes on to explain the T-shirt’s magic power to attract women, being that wearing it automatically turns you into the mysterious lone wolf that the gentle sex simply can’t resist.

Few things and stories epitomize the Internet’s sweeping might the way this case does.

Superhero Logos

Nerd culture has been growing by leaps and bounds, to the extent of completely turning things around – being a nerd is now paradoxically cool, an identity people actually show off. And what better and more conspicuous way to do it than by displaying your favorite comic book characters on your chest? It’s almost as if you’re wearing an actual superhero costume.

Plus, since superhero logos are designed to be memorable and be worn on a piece of clothing, they make the perfect couple with T-shirts.

With the risk of sparking heated debate, arguably, the most popular design of this category is the Batman logo, not just for the character’s bigger-than-life status, but also because the actual emblem is particularly suitable for T-shirts with its masterful use of empty space.

However, the enigmatic character has a bunch of contenders for nerd’s chests, in the face of Flash, the Green Lantern, Superman, and Spiderman, just to name a few.

Rock Band Logos

Of course, such a list could never be even close to complete without including just a few of the iconic rock band logos that millions of fans around the world wear so proudly as close to the heart as possible. And how could it be otherwise – few interests reflect our inner world more vividly than our musical tastes.
Similar to the superhero category, there are a lot of contenders for the most popular design like www.0stees.com, each one cooler than the next, but there might be a more clear-cut winner this time, at least when speaking strictly about the actual designs – the iconic Rolling Stones tongue that perfectly captures its frontman in action. The logo is so bad-ass in itself, many people flaunt it without actually having listened to the band.

The case of a rock band’s logo actually growing into a fashion item that’s independent of the band it represents, isn’t unique to the Rolling Stones logo. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album cover is another prime example of this, despite the band’s and its music’s divine status.
Other rock band music logos that have become iconic T-shirt designs over the years include the ones of Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Ramones, and many, many more.
It’s hard to predict what T-shirt designs stick in people’s minds and withstand the test of time, which is particularly tough in the ever-volatile world of fashion and apparel. However, a couple of predictors certainly stand out – timing, marketing prowess, beautiful simplicity, and the chance for self-expression.