parking motorhome in scotland

A mix of open spaces and tradition, endowed with wonderfully preserved nature and priceless historical heritage - Scotland is an ideal destination for those who travel by motorhomes. Spring and fall are the best seasons to visit this country. You will enjoy a milder climate then and avoid the summer rush. Travelling with the motorhome is the perfect vacation for anyone who wants to explore the rural locations and remote corners of Scotland. That’s why we have listed the best motorhome destinations in Scotland. 


You can’t visit Scotland by motorhome without making a stop in the city of Edinburgh. The country's capital, which proudly sits atop a group of volcanic hills, stands out for its striking yet harmonious contrast between old and new. Being there, you can admire the iconic Castle perched on the site of Castle Rock, and browse the rich alleys of the two buildings forming the National Museum of Scotland. Also, you can't miss Charlotte Square, the Royal Botanical Garden, the Holyroodhouse Palace or the Zoo, the only one in the UK which rises giant pandas!

Finally, about an hour's drive away is Stirling Castle, one of the most impressive castles in the country, situated at the top of a volcano, and surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs. 

The Castles Route

The history of the country is told through its impressive concentration of castles. Between Aberdeen, Braemar and Fyvie, you can discover a selection of the Castle Trail or Scottish Castles Route by motorhome:

The Dunnottar site

From this medieval fortress, built on a rocky spur 50 meters above sea level, the Dunnottar site remains well preserved. The site is no less exceptional of beauty and poetry, offering an incomparable panorama and a home for many species of birds.

Drum Castle

The building is very well preserved, and it represents a tasty mix of architectural styles. You will also be charmed by its chapel, its magnificent gardens and its impressive rose garden. Be careful; however, parking is charged (£ 2).

The Castle of Crathes

During your motorhome trip, you can’t miss this fantastic monument and the vast area around it, especially its gardens - an anthology of shapes, colours and scents.

Balmoral Castle

Owned by the British Royal Family, the impressive mansion is located in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. It’s definitely worth a visit. 


Let's continue our discovery of Scotland in Glasgow. Often ignored, the student city is yet a paradise for fans of contemporary culture. There are more than 20 museums there, and many art galleries (including the impressive Kelvingrove Museum or the amazing Riverside Museum dedicated to land transport), where you'll find plenty of vintage vehicles. Also, don’t miss the cemetery of the city, Necropolis, located on a hillside, as well as the Gothic cathedral St Mungo. Finally, treat yourself with beautiful walks in the many botanical gardens of the city.

Not far from Glasgow, you can visit Loch Lomond, one of the largest lakes in Scotland, where you can participate in water activities of all kinds.

Creagan Station Tourers

This is the motorhome parking, where you can really adore beautiful surroundings. This place is located near the Loch Creran, where you can make fantastic hikes. 'Loch' is a Scottish name for 'cove of the sea' and It’s often a natural phenomenon rich in trees, plants and animals.

This motorhome parking is very luxurious, and it guarantees all holiday and camping facilities you need. It’s also one of the most beautiful spots in Scotland, so it’s absolutely a must to visit!

Harbor Car Park

This beautiful parking is placed at the port of Nairn. It has the room for five coachbuilt motorhomes or regular vehicles, and you will have the possibility to appreciate a lovely view of the sea. There is a supermarket within walking distance where you can do your daily shopping. The centre of the town is also not far from this camper place.

This site is quite popular and is, therefore, not suitable for people who are looking for a quiet place. However, this parking is undoubtedly worth a visit. You will have a view of Black Isle there, a peninsula of Scotland, where you can spend a day on hiking or riding a bike.

What is also good to know is that this parking place doesn’t have many facilities. There is a toilet block nearby that you can use, but there are no facilities such as electricity or water.


We hope that you feel inspired after reading our list of the best motorhome destinations/parking spots in Scotland, and you will explore this amazing country soon, of course, with your motorhome! There is a well-known expression in Scotland (and Norway, Ireland, etc.): bad weather doesn’t exist, only bad clothing. So, remember that with a motorhome, you can visit Scotland all year round, without worrying about the weather.