Introduction to SARMs

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are a class of performance-enhancing compounds that were originally being tested to treat cancer, osteoporosis, muscle wasting, and other related diseases. Boasting a huge advantage in muscle formation and bone density enhancement, SARMs have become a rather popular choice among fitness enthusiasts who wish to amass more muscles and remain trim.

SARMs boast of the ability to help users increase muscle growth, improve fat loss, and build endurance, thus making it a widely acclaimed and acceptable product among fitness lovers.

While SARMs have raised a few eyebrows, the substance has been revealed to act by affecting specific hormones in the body in specific ways. SARMs have also been reported to act in a similar way to traditional anabolic steroids, although SARMs boast of a huge advantage over these anabolic steroids as they do not present users with the common side effects that are associated with anabolic steroids.

SARMs are also known to block and stimulate some of the most important receptors in the body in very specific ways that influence their muscle-building actions and significantly influence the lack of prolonged and permanent side effects attributed to anabolic steroids.

However, athletes and bodybuilders have found the right material to promote body changes in SARMS as they also display a high bio-volatility, which means that their effectiveness and impact on the body wears away in a short time.

Understanding How SARMS Affect Hormones

The body is controlled by several hormones responsible for initiating growth and development. Hormones signal the production of hair cells and can also trigger the death of cells when absent or produced in large quantities. Hormones, playing the role of biological messengers, are able to trigger actions in the body which sometimes leads to physical changes. One of these hormones is the androgen hormone which is produced in both men and women. Androgens, when produced, are responsible for triggering the development and maintenance of the male sexual and physical characteristics such as facial hair growth, increased muscle mass and accumulation, decrease in body fat and more. Although produced in lower quantities, Androgens in women also have the same function on the muscle.

How SARMS Work

SARMs, according to various research, have been revealed to be very specific in their action, binding to androgen receptors and making sure that desired anabolic effects are created. A great advantage of SARMs is that their mode of operation can be likened to those of anabolic steroids. However, SARMs do not stimulate estrogen conversion, thus preventing the common side effects that anabolic steroids are known for.


The market is riddled with a number of SARMs products that have been revealed to be tested and trusted for desirable effects. However, some of the most common SARMs on the market have gained fame and traction due to their widespread and popular use.

Below are some of the popular SARMs products and becoming an athlete’s favourites in the gym and for performance enhancements.


Ostarine is a well-known SARMS and has been in use by several people in the gym for some years. One of the main uses of Ostarine is to preserve muscle mass. Ostarine has been revealed to be able to perform this function even in a deficit of calories. Similar to Ostarine in action is the LGD 4033. However, the LGD 4033 is reported to be 12 times more powerful than Ostarine. Both products can be used as a good bulking agent for muscle builders and also has a better cutting cycle.

The Ostarine and LGD 4033 are known to act by binding to specific androgen receptors in the body. The products, in turn, create an anabolic effect that affects both the bones and muscles, thus causing an increase in muscle mass, strength, and endurance ability.

MK 677

The MK677 UK, also known as Ibutamoren, is non-peptidic in nature and can be consumed orally to deliver the desired effect. The MK 677 side effects act mainly in increasing muscle mass and bone density. It is recommended that users begin with lower doses, which can be increased over the cycle of use. For safe starters, a minimum of 25mg of MK 677 is recommended as the dosage is capable of causing as much as a 60 percent increase in IGF-1 levels at the end of a 6-weeks period.

The MK 677 produces the best result over a 3-month cycle as it is not hormonal and is recommended to be taken at night before bed as it can help users sleep better. To learn more about SARMs and Ostarine, visit the guys at quinnova.