Moving Day

Moving your home can be both exhausting and fun. The thought of organizing and packing up years of accumulated stuff, keeping up with odds and ends, and tripping over boxes never seems fun, but you can at least make it less stressful by being organized. Moving day is the most stressful task day in the whole moving process. If you give adequate time to your moving preparations, your moving day can be fun and enjoyable. And you will be able to jump into your car and head towards your new place, that too with all the excitement. This can become easier if you have researched and hired an experienced, skilled removal company for your house move.

You can follow the tips below that you need to do on the big day to help things run smoothly.

Make a List of Little Things that Have to Get Done

Some small but essential tasks are often pushed aside till moving day as you’re more focused on packing. You must be very careful; these tiny tasks can leave you scrambling at the last minute. List all the work you must do on a moving day to overcome this. It will enable you to prioritize your time and wake up a little earlier if necessary so that you get enough time to get everything done before local moving companies come.

Keep Some Cash Handy to tip your movers.

One of the best moving day tips is to tip the helper, especially if you have hired a professional moving company, so be sure to have cash on hand on moving day for tips. Amount to present as a tip may vary according to the type of service they will provide. Tipping movers is a matter of choice but highly recommended and appreciated. You can’t tip by check or credit card,; ving cash is the only way.

Make Sure to Pack a Moving Essentials Bag

Don’t forget to pack an essentials bag which may contain all that you know you’ll need on moving day and the day after. This bag may also include your important and crucial documents and valuables you don’t want to put on the truck. Also include a few more things like phone chargers, toiletries, prescribed medicines, and a couple of extra sets of clothes. Keep this bag with you in your car.

Keep Your Phone’s Battery Fully Charged

Be prepared for any kind of situation and Keep your phone fully charged. You might need help with the way to your new place and need to coordinate timing with your movers. Keep your phone plugged in the night before your move, and also store your phone’s charger in your essentials bag so in case you do drain your battery due to any reason, you can quickly charge it up again.

Keep Some Cleaning Supplies Handy

Cleaning your home before you move in is a must. Even if you have already cleaned the house, keep some cleaning supplies in the truck or your car to use upon entering your new home.

Last Walk Through Your Current House

Don’t forget to thoroughly review your home and look for anything you might have forgotten or left behind. Open all of your cabinets and check every one of your closets to ensure that anything you plan to take with you is packed and ready to go.