Commercial Laundry Service

Do you run a Hotel, Sports Club, Hospital or a manufacturing factory and you’re looking for a commercial laundry service that can support you to maintain hygiene while taking care of your laundry. Our laundry services enables you to concentrate on your core business while the rest is done by our team. If you run a hotel or a hospital, then it would be ideal to spend most of your time keeping your clients happy while you leave all your laundry services to our company.

Our team will pick your laundry, clean it using some of the laundry machines while the laundry is delivered back to you, ironed and professionally packaged. Our company uses some of the most advanced laundry protocols and the best washing detergents and softeners that will protect your laundry. Dirt and stains that are on your laundry will be sorted out by our team since there is an array of services that are offered. The comprehensive laundry services that are offered by our company include beddings, dust coats, overalls, aprons, staff uniforms, towels, curtains, and mattress and table clothes.

Sometimes, you may have the thought, “is there any commercial laundry service near me?

The following are three commercial laundry services that our company specializes in:-

Hospital laundry management

Our firm provides this laundry service through two options.
Our team will pick and drop off the laundry to and from your hospital. It’s worth noting that our company is serving so many hospitals using this particular kind of model.

The second option is to outsource the management of your laundry department to our company. This means that if you have a laundry department but you’re concerned about the costs and the effort and time it drains from the management team, our firm will take care of the whole process for you instead.

Hotel and Sports Club.

Our firm will enable you to focus on your core business which is to take care of your customers.
In case you own a hotel or a sports club, then you can trust that our team will sort out all your laundry management needs while picking and dropping all of them. You can call our firm or send an inquiry to know some of the services that we offer.

You can also decide to outsource your hotel or sports club services whereby our company will provide you with all housekeeping staff and pay them while they maintain quality standards based on the specifications that you have. This will give you ample time to focus on the quality services that you will be offering your clients.

Apartment laundry management

With this option, our company has two options that you can choose from
If you have your own apartment or you manage apartments, then you can contact our team so that you see the affordable rates that our company offers.

The next time you have the continuous thought coming to your mind and you keep asking yourself the question, “can I really find a commercial laundry service near me?” You know which service provider to call.