Hush Iced:

While they seem to contradict one another, both cool temperatures and weighted blankets help us sleep. Often times, we have to sacrifice the benefits of a weighted blanket to keep cool during the night.

Now, we can experience the best of both worlds. After finding success creating a weighted blanket, a team has now invented a cooling weighted blanket, inventing a cotton blend in the process. Their ingenuity will bring the same deep sleep during the warm months as their original design did during the cool times of year.

Hush Iced: The Cooling and Sleep-Inducing Blanket, brought to you by the makers of the Hush Blanket, a weighted blanket promoting relaxation and sleep, is the seasonal version of the original, the Hush Blanket.

A spin on the original, Hush Iced is cool-to-the-touch thanks to its unique cotton and bamboo duvet cover, allowing Hush fans to enjoy the benefits of a weighted blanket without the warmth during summer months.

The original Hush Blanket leverages the benefits of Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTP) by mimicking firm, hands-on pressure, which is known to reduce chronic stress and reduce high levels of anxiety.

The Hush Iced maintains the assets of DTP in its inner weighted blanket enveloped in a light, breathable fabric, soft and luxurious to touch. The bamboo/cotton blend is comfortable and stretchy while the weighted portion still helps you reduce your anxiety and fall into a deep sleep.

Best of Both Worlds: Weighted and Cool

“I am usually a HOT sleeper, and I always wanted a weighted blanket but couldn’t handle the heat. The Hush Iced changed that for me. It’s the coldest blanket in my entire house. I look forward to cuddling with it every day!” wrote Amanda Zoltak.

Whether you run at a higher temperature in general or you simply want a light, summer blanket, Hush Iced helps you stay cool while helping you keep your cool all season.

Last year alone, the best-selling Hush blankets provided a good night’s rest to more than 10,000 customers. Now, the Hush Iced can provide the same deeper, more restful sleep, while providing a sleep temperature system with the same embrace that only a weighted blanket can offer: a warm, secure blanket-hug.

Borrowing from the Hush Blanket’s special short-threading on its cover and advanced weight distribution in the weighted blanket, the Hush Iced thinned out the cover, causing the material to feel cool, as well as causing it to wick away sweat during the heat of the summer.

Let’s Get Physical

Hush Iced’s Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTP) simulation increases levels of serotonin, which regulates sleep, relaxation, mood, memory, and learning, thereby increasing melatonin levels, which help the body prepare for sleep. Both hormones lift your mood, as well as promote a deep, restful sleep.

A resulting decrease in night time cortisol, a stress hormone, helps regulate your blood pressure and metabolism, helps reduce inflammation, and assists with memory formulation. DTP helps us relax and helps us eventually fall asleep into a deep, restful sleep.

In Between the Covers

Hush Iced’s proprietary bamboo and cotton blend cover helps your body when its trying to decrease its temperature in preparation for sleep. For optimum sleep, your room temperature should be between 68°-72°F. Hushed Iced helps keep you cool to help you sleep.

You can still machine-wash the ultra-cooling cover, which is removable from the weighted blanket, and then hang dry. It’s recommended that you hand-wash the weighted blanket to avoid rips or tears to the weighted pockets and also hang dry.

The Hush Iced’s cover is a heather grey bamboo/cotton blend, and the blanket and cover come in standard and queen sizes. There are three blanket weights to choose from, depending on your weight. For example, if you weigh between 100-170 lbs, you should order a 15 lbs blanket weight. The blanket is made of a microfibre, and the weighted filling is non-toxic glass, sand, and cotton.

Hush Iced offers a 100-night guarantee, risk-free satisfaction, and no-hassle returns.

Hush Iced is designed for those with insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, sensory processing disorder, high body temperatures, and hot, humid summer months. A juxtaposition of cooling and weighted technology, this cooling and sleep-inducing blanket is the bedding of your dreams.