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Adam and Eva: Ukraine Matchmaking Agency That Really Cares

What is a standard dating agency? You pay for getting access to their database crowded with tens or even hundreds of women looking for a good guy.
Adam and Eva

What is a standard dating agency? You pay for getting access to their database crowded with tens or even hundreds of women looking for a good guy. You have no idea whether all those women have their hearts in the right place. You have no clue whether the girl you like will be the right choice for you. And even if she is, there is nobody to help you develop a harmonious relationship with her. You are ultimately on your own, like it or not.

Ukrainian matchmaking agency Adam and Eva is completely different. The most careful selection of candidates, high-end matchmaking technologies and relationships supervision will dramatically increase your chances to find happiness in this country famous for its beautiful women

Thorough Selection

Instead of offering you to go gold digging, we sift tons of soil ourselves, leaving you to choose from grains of gold. Only 15% of those women who want to get into our database are accepted by our specialists. All candidates are interviewed by experienced psychologists and profilers in order to select the worthiest women. Those who stand out for their attractive personality traits and who are highly motivated to go abroad and become a loving wife and mother. Thus, we personally know all the candidates and can give you expert assistance that will make your choice more reasonable.

Personal Matchmaking Service

Unlike other dating agencies, Adam and Eva offers two types of services. The first is traditional dating, when you simply surf women’s profiles and get into communication once you find someone who sparks interest in you. But we have also developed a unique advanced service that makes the searching process as productive as possible. Using scientific methods, interviews and tests, our matchmaker will offer you candidates who best suit your lifestyle and expectations. This is a high-end service that has the following advantages:
  • scientifically based
  • personalized
  • time-saving
  • taking into account more than 100 criteria when selecting candidates
  • boasting a 95% success rate

Education and Supervision

We don’t limit our assistance only to matching people – we help them build strong relationships. We educate our clients, explaining cultural differences, giving tips on their mates’ expectations, helping them to promote their profiles and more. From setting the record straight to avoid any little misunderstanding to arranging your unforgettable romantic tours, we guide you through every step of this journey. And we believe our goal is achieved only when we know that you are married and happy – just like our 500+ couples do.

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