Face Roller

You have seen them everywhere; Jade rollers and their millinery techniques have gradually become increasingly popular. Whether in ancient China or before Victoria's Secret catwalks, this product has become indispensable in many women's beauty routines worldwide. It's cheap, and it lasts a lot.

Moreover, if it does not fall, it can last forever. And it promises to improve the luminosity of the skin, reduce dark circles, improve the firmness of the jaw, and enhance the firmness. Sounds irresistible, right?

The stones have many excellent properties for the skin, and in regards to jade, it has been used for medicinal and therapeutic uses since the seventh century in China. But for what this artifact has been so acclaimed in the world of beauty, it is due to its properties: it oxygenates the skin, eliminates toxins, reduces wrinkles, helps eliminate stress, rejuvenates the skin of the face, and also improves circulation.

The jade rollers are becoming one of the beauty gadgets, but to get the most out of them, you should know how to use them. Mind you: nobody expects miracles. The Jade Roller is a practical and pleasant tool to make a gentle facial massage, which always comes in handy and can help decongest a little, but it does not erase the signs of the passage of time.

Significant Steps To Use A Face Roller:

  • The first step is to start with spotless skin. The Jade roller will be used later after applying the chosen product.
  • The treatment product chosen by hand is applied, as always. The most suitable textures to use than the roller are the serums, the facial oils, or the remains that may be left of a sheet mask, the cellulose masks.
  • Once you have penetrated most of the product, use the Jade roller. The secret is the direction of movement: its essential utility lies in how it can help improve the lymphatic drainage of the face.
  • The upper third of the face - the forehead and the eyebrows - are massaged with movement from the eyebrows to the root of the hair, with fan-shaped gestures. The roller helps to drain liquids and is always used from the inside out.
  • The middle third of the face is massaged using the roller from the nose towards the temples, with a slight upward movement. Then, from the nose to the ears.
  • If the roller has a smaller head, it can be used in the area of dark circles, drawing its shape from the tear towards the tail of the eyebrow, reaching the end of the face. Logically, it can also be done with a more massive head.
  • In the lower third, the roller movements should always be from the inside out, especially in the lower jaw.
  • The most helpful trick of the Jade roller is to store it in the refrigerator: the cold is an extra help when decongesting.