The videos on social networks get higher engagement than pictures and this was understood by almost every brand. The basic problem is that you don't always have enough budgets to rely on a professional video maker to create short videos to share on the website and company social channels. In this state, the online apps and tools are the salvation of all those clerks who have to create attractive products for users by themselves, without help from professional graphic designers. In this article, we will provide you with 5 powerful tools to make videos with photos and music, or to edit existing videos by adding text or background music.


FlexClip is definitely the most basic tool on this list. It is very simple but gives us an excellent result. You will find that FlexClip simply allows us to do a single operation, such as cutting or splitting the videos, adding caption texts, uploading the company logo, inserting background music, etc. So it will provide us with a decidedly simple but effective interface. By quickly creating videos, we will also be able to choose the predefined templates from the gallery, and then proceed to make some customizations by dragging and dropping. This service does not allow us to add transitions or effects, but being free, it could be useful.

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In practice, Magisto is used to create mini music clips by taking the best scenes of a video automatically. It is also a very simple and completely free app, which guides us through a guided procedure. After choosing the source and the preferred audio the app will do all the work, with the possibility of modifying the movie at will, of course. Magisto boasts of being able to choose the best parts of videos, automatically recognize faces and automatically stabilize filters, effects and transitions. With Magistro we can even add a soundtrack, getting videos of character, according to our tastes. The limit of the free version is that you cannot save videos and there is a maximum length limit.

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FilmoraGO is an extremely versatile application for cutting, retouching and editing videos and photographs with high-quality results; available on iOS and Android. It allows you to assemble movies and images, superimpose graphics, insert transitions between clips and apply effects and themes to your video. It also features an audio mixing advanced, with separate controls for the original video track and for those inserted in post-production, whether they are soundtracks or recordings added later. The only rather obvious defect of Filmora is the difficulty of managing the texts, which often do not respond to the changes applied and behave in a strange way once they are superimposed on the video.

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WeVideo is one of the best web apps to edit online video that also provides an app for full Android, iPhone and even iPad that only serves to upload videos to be edited then by the site. The application on Android allows you to edit the video on your mobile using its very simple interface. You can choose from a variety of themes, insert an audio file, add particular transition effects and then publish the video on the public or private WeVideo site. WeVideo guarantees that the video remains in the cloud server so that it can be further modified using the PC.

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The app to mount almost professional videos for all those who have iPhones, iPads and Macs. Videos can take advantage of one of Apple's video filters and have special effects such as slow-motion, fast forward, picture-in-picture and split-screen. The soundtrack can use integrated sound effects, songs from the music library and even your own voice. You can create videos by choosing from various models with attractive graphics and original music, customize the logo of your company. It is one of the best apps available for video editing, but it's only suitable for Apple operating systems.

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If the video you are going to create is a sort of slideshow or basic editing, you can solve it easily with the above video editing tools. While, if a professional product is required, it's always better to invest a part of your budget in contacting industry experts.