Clothing Racks

Clothing store owners must understand the invaluable benefits of using apparel display racks. Some clothing is efficiently advertised while folded on shelves, but others are aptly displayed while hanging. These include clothing in materials likely to crease or crumple easily. Displaying them on clothes rack will make them appear more presentable and pristine.

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Using clothing racks 

Apparel racks come in various designs and styles, making choosing the most appropriate for your store easier. The right display rack should leave enough space for your storage footprint. Clothing display racks come in options including:
  • Round racks
  • Rolling racks
  • 2-arms racks
  • 4-arms racks
  • Stationary racks
The racks come in various finishes, including white, chrome, black, and industrial. Racks with a lighter finish will make your store setting appear brighter. Ensure to find a reputable supplier with a range of clothing racks in different styles. This will make it easier for you to select the right shelves to match your store design and d├ęcor. 

Round clothing racks 

When selecting the best clothing racks for merchandising multiple clothing, round racks are the best choice. Apart from getting apparel off the sales floor, round racks are good at storing and organizing old stock. These racks come with a heavy-duty frame with a chrome or black finish to offer appropriate strength and stability for your store’s daily demands.

Benefits of round apparel racks 

Round clothing racks can hold various apparel on hangers. The rack allows customers to browse the clothing available from any angle. Additionally, round racks take little space to meet the space available on your store floor. These racks might have legs with adjustable height at a push of a button to allow setting hang rail at an ideal browsing height. You can also set the racks to accommodate clothing of various lengths, including skirts, tall coats, and short pants.

Using round racks with glass tops 

You can customize the versatility of round clothing racks by adding glass toppers. These will give the shelves additional space for displacing shoes, hats, and other accessories. This is possible without obstructing the view of the clothing beneath. A combination of round racks and glass toppers is the perfect solution for organizing your store and hand your merchandise.

Additionally, round racks with glass toppers offer a second layer for displaying your items. Fitting a clothing rack with a 30-inch diameter surface creates extra display space for other things. You can even use this space to showcase store signs. These easy-to-assemble glass toppers rest on top of the racks on four rubber-cushioned risers. The toppers offer additional space to maximize the potential of round display racks.

Using round clothing racks with casters 

Apart from conserving your store space, casters on round racks allow quick and easy movement during your store floor configuration. The racks offer space for handling multiple clothing items in a confined space. Moving round racks are ideal for displaying various clothing sizes and colors in a particular style. Therefore, using these racks in your store will encourage customers to casually check through your clothing while minimizing space.

Round racks with casters are highly versatile and used in various areas, including holding clothing behind the register, in a dressing room, and as principal racks in your store. You can use racks with casters in your boutique to frequently move your clothing display to various locations in and outside your store. This will come in handy to increase sales during special sales and for sidewalk displays.

More about racks with casters 

Installing casters on your racks is a convenient and more accessible solution to display your clothing in various locations. Ensure to invest in lightweight frames that are easy to set up, maneuver, and to break down. Check the rack's weight capacity to ensure that it can hold the items you plan to display. A good idea is to invest in round racks with arms to offer extra space and adjustable height.

Using round clothing racks with grid basket toppers 

You can also customize round apparel racks with grid basket toppers. These baskets are ideal for showcasing various accessories and complementary items. Grid baskets and tempered glass toppers are suitable for adding sign holders. You can also use these accessories for promoting objects hung on the rail. For easy repositioning and more results, use racks with casters, including a lock, to limit the chances of the rack drifting from its position.

Bottom line 

Your clothing display can make or break your boutique. Using the most appropriate displays in your store will ensure that customers are enticed to browse and make purchases. Using round clothing racks is an ideal solution to display apparel. Fortunately, you can customize these with casters to encourage free movement and glass toppers to get extra display space for various items.