Clothing For Stand-Up Boarding

Best Clothing For Stand-Up Boarding In The Summer

Summer is the most popular season for paddle boarding and one of the most comfortable seasons to dress for as well. For both females and males, board shorts and a lightweight tee-shirt with a paddle cap is enough coverage. It’s essential to stock up with clothing styles that are manufactured with dri-release fabric technology to keep you dry and comfy. Remember, spending the whole day paddleboarding on BOTE paddleboard can be an enjoyable activity during the summer months but be vigilant on how much time you’ll be spending out on the water since you’ll be more prone to sunburn when the sunlight reflects up from the water.

What To Wear For Autumn Or Spring Stand-Up Boarding

You’ll find that as the Seasons are changing, you’ll require a few more layers of clothing for your SUP outfit to stay comfortable with minimal changes to your summer attire. All you’ll need is adding some neoprene shoe boots, an extra layer on your upper body and a light waterproof jacket depending on the temperature outside. Of course, when you’re more prone to feel cold quickly, you can opt for as many layers as you prefer. Bodywarmers or high-tech gilets which are paired with lightweight, long sleeve tops are perfect if you’re not sure what to wear paddle boarding during the Autumn or Summer months. High-performance top layers can assist with regulating your body temperature; therefore, they are the perfect long sleeve solution plus it can provide you with the additional benefit of looking great and feeling super comfortable too.

The Best Clothing To Wear For Winter Stand–Up Boarding

Your Winter wardrobe depends on what you’re planning to do. If you’re planning on riding the waves on a stand-up whip board, then it’s highly advisable to opt for a full-length wetsuit paired with neoprene boots and gloves to keep you warm when you’re doing paddling in the winter. If you’re more likely to do some recreational paddling on a touring paddle board, then it won’t be necessary to splash some cash on a wetsuit. Alternatively, you can consider wearing some thermal base layers with waterproof trousers and a waterproof top. Remember when you’re going to be active during the Winter months, it’s better to wear thinner layers of clothing to control your body temperature when you’re on the paddle board. Make sure you’re not overdressing to restrict your motions.


During the warm Summer months, most paddlers wear a combination of swimsuit, short or long-sleeved rash guard and board short for protection against the sun. For the colder months, you can wear a dry or wet suit. You don’t have to let a change in Seasons deter you from having fun. With the right board attire, you can remain comfortable and warm despite the colder winter months or when it’s a crisp and overcast day. Paddleboarding is an exercise which can be done during every Season.