cubicle office

The idea of a cubicle is older than most employees. It was designed in 1964; the creators believed that cubicles could provide some privacy and raise productivity. Nowadays, open offices are more popular than cubicles, but some people are still sitting surrounded by grey walls.

Working in a cubicle is a great concept - you don't get distracted that often and you have your own storage space. On the other hand, being there alone might make you feel isolated and depressed. Also, sitting all day and not seeing sunlight could be healthier. If you feel unmotivated, just like the character from the Office Space movie, it's time to change your current situation. Before you start looking for a better work environment, apply some strategies that can improve your life in the cubicle today:

Decorate your cubicle

You spend at least forty hours per week working in the cubicle, so why not make it a better place and decorate it the way you want? You can use your company's custom stickers or personal items to bring some colors into your little cave.

There are only a few rules. First, keep it professional—your computer, phone, and notebook should be within arm's length, while your collectibles and family photos should be in the background. Second, keep it simple—don't bring too many things since they can only distract you from your work.

If you have a lot of documents and notes, get a desktop organizer, wall pocket, or cork bar. It will help you decorate grey walls and show others that your work matters to you. Also, it will be easier to find the needed information.

Remember to hang some pictures or notes that can relax your mind or motivate you. For instance, you can have your family photo in a frame or a poster of a place you want to travel one day. Also, consider keeping a To-Do list in front of you. Having a plan for the day can boost your productivity.

Make it green

According to the latest study, plants in the office can help reduce stress; they also clear the air, reduce noise levels, and provide a visually enhanced perception of the space. So, make sure to find a corner for leafy plants. If you don't have natural light in your cubicle, choose a spider plant, aloe, pothos, cards, or bamboo palm. These plants are low-maintenance and low-light. It will be ok to leave them without water for a few days so you can go on vacation with quiet in your mind.

Bring a blanket

Throwing a blanket or shawl over the back of your chair will not make you less of a professional. It helps keep you productive (unless you decide to sleep at the workplace). According to a study conducted at Cornell University, cold can affect your work performance, so having a blanket next to you might be a solution during winter. Also, consider bringing a small pillow if you have back problems.

Bring some desk toys.

Employees should also have some toys in the workplace, especially in the office. For instance, you can get a stress ball or Chinese meditation balls to roll and squeeze something when you feel stressed or tired.

Take these breaks

People who don't see others overlook time passing by. That's why you must have a watch in front of you to keep track of time and take breaks. Make sure to stand up every hour; you can walk around the office, look out the window, and catch the sunlight. Your brain needs these little breaks; they can help restore motivation, increase your creativity, and prevent 'decision fatigue.'

Eat well

Another important thing is your diet. Working in the cubicle implies sitting in front of the screen the whole day. Poor nutrition can only make the entire situation worse. Scientists proved that the gut could directly affect a human's mood. Have you ever been irritated when you were hungry? It was your gut saying hello. So, make sure to eat breakfast and lunch every day. Also, you can keep many healthy snacks at your desk (e.g., raw nuts, dried fruit,low-sodium jerky, or granola).

Stay hydrated to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your cubicle. Drinking water can help you overcome hunger and make you more energetic.

Never eat alone

There are better ideas than hiding in your cubicle during a lunch break. According to research, employees feel happier after having a small talk with their co-workers. So, invite your colleagues to eat lunch together. Spending time with other people relieves stress and anxiety. Also, it allows you to learn something new and expand your network.

There are many things you can do to improve your cubicle life. It is your space, so you can decorate it any way you want. You can even bring your own furniture if it makes you happy. Get social and take good care of yourself at the workplace. Many talented professionals work in cubicles and manage to get their work done, and you can be one of them.