office fitness challenges

There are several ways to improve employee productivity and ultimately create the ideal working environment for your staff. Considering a few workplace alterations such as standing desks have proven to be an effective method of encouraging optimal productivity. Additionally, it has been proven that employees are able to function better in a relaxed and sociable environment and there are numerous fantastic tips and tricks that can transform the average mundane office space into an incredibly pleasant place to be, such as allowing pets at work. Why not encourage your staff to participate in team building office fitness challenges?

When considering that a large number of employees are prone to forget what has been discussed during a meeting just moments after leaving, it is a great idea to adjust the dynamics of meetings to ensure your employees are able to take in every bit of important information. Allowing employees to stand during meetings and keeping things as short and to the point as possible are fantastic proven methods. Furthermore, allowing employees to utilize social media as a method of communication is also a fantastic idea, especially when considering that up too 60% of employees believe that social media has a positive influence on their ability to process decisions.

While there are tons of fantastic ways to motivate your staff, it is essentially vital to keep employee stress to an absolute minimum as stress is undeniably a negative impacting factor on productivity. This can be done simply by keeping vibrant office plants that will promote a friendly working environment and by adding other decor items that will create a comfortable atmosphere. In addition to this, it is crucial to thank employees for their efforts, giving them spirit-building recognition can make a remarkable difference in how they feel about themselves and their work.

For more ideas check the infographic below, provided by FaxBurner.

Anatomy of a Happy Office Infographic