The food you eat, the time you spend sleeping, or the exercise you do every day can all influence your immune system. Did you know that losing your sense of humor or feeling stressed out all the time could make you catch a cold a lot faster than other people with healthier lifestyles and better moods? It might sound far-fetched to most of you, but it's been scientifically proven that the way we spend our days affects our health. There are many things you can do to improve your immune response, and if you are currently lacking ideas, these next few lines should guide your steps.

Lost Your Sense Of Humor?

 Boost Your Immune Syste

Go to YouTube and search for the world's best stand-up shows and plan a marathon. Grab your favorite snacks, slip into your most comfortable onesie or sweat suit and even consider having some friends over so you can watch the shows together.

Don't feel like watching a one-hour long stand-up performance? No worries, there are hundreds of funny full compilations with pets, babies, or regular people caught on tape doing funny things.

Keep in mind laughter is one of the best natural medicines you could use for your overall well-being and immune system stimulations in particular, along with natural sunlight and good sleep. While you may not be able to laugh on command, keep in mind laughing is contagious. So if you have a friend who is always giggly and can make everyone laugh, give them a call.

The Science of Laughter, an article by Robert Provine published in Psychology Today speaks about the 1962 outbreak of contagious giggles that occurred in a boarding school for girls in Tanzania. It all started with three girls who started laughing and could just not stop. The “laughter virus“ quickly contaminated 95 other students, which forced the principal to shut down the school. The girls were sent home, and they apparently spread the laughing epidemic to students in other schools in the country. It took more than two and a half years for those affected to stop giggling, and we are talking about close to one thousand “sufferers”.

Laughing can seriously curb your stress hormone levels and stimulate the grows of a particular type of white blood cells that are known to protect the body against infection.

Decompress With Games and Fun Activities

The good news is even the anticipation of an upcoming funny event can cause similar drops in the stress levels. Just think of this scenario: you join an online casino, click on the first game of slots that crosses your eyes, hit the spin button and win $1,000. Just like that, in the split of a second. Can you feel yourself smiling right now, or at least feeling more relaxed?

While no one can guarantee you will win each and every time you will play the casino or place a sports bet, the anticipation of the potentially positive outcome of the game will definitely help you feel better. It's nice to daydream about an exotic vacation or a luxury shopping spree, even though you don't yet have the money for it.

So if you enjoy playing poker or roulette online, or you love fruit or football-themed slots, the internet is your free source of fun. You can literally find thousands of web casinos that offer countless free and real money games to cater to the needs and budgets of all types of players. Feeling a little overwhelmed? No worries, there are specialized platforms that assess all virtual casinos out there and recommend the best ones. One such website is where you can find the best free games/spins with top ratings on real money, mobile, or instant play venues that specialize in slots, poker, blackjack, or anything else you are interested in.

When you play a game you enjoy, you usually get lost in the game play, theme, storyline, or the play pretend. You become one with the characters on the screen or you exclusively focus on the outcome you would like to see. For example, a game of poker could keep you on your toes focusing on how to win a jackpot prize for hours on end. No stress, no negative thinking, no worries about your work projects due in a week. Just you, your smartphone or computer monitor, and the deck of cards in front of your eyes.

Fun activities in general and playing games in particular are excellent means of getting rid of some of the stress accumulated at work. Chronic stress is known to expose your body to a steady stream of hormones that will ultimately suppress and weaken your immune system. Dancing, drawing/painting, connecting with your friends and working out regularly are all excellent means of lowering your levels of stress.