Useful to Learn Programming i

If you think learning to program is only useful to someone who wants to become a computer programmer, you’re completely mistaken. Just as using a computer is now part and parcel of just about every desk job, computer programming is quickly becoming a necessity for varied types of occupations.

At the very least, you need a general understanding of programming languages.

Here’s why.

Become More Efficient and Productive

Most jobs that involve the use of computers (and even those that don’t directly involve computer use) can become far more efficient and productive when you learn computer languages.

Computer programming helps you get far higher computing power, which you can apply to different tasks. This is particularly so with repetitive tasks. You can automate such tasks and focus only on duties that require your creative input.

Besides increasing your output and efficiency, automated tasks can reduce mistakes caused by human error. Hence, you’ll deliver higher quality with minimal effort.

Become self-sufficient

Being self-sufficient is invaluable for many entrepreneurs. You won’t need to hire employees, which can be costly for a new startup.

That can be achieved using computer programs designed to handle non-essential tasks in your startup. After learning programming, you'll quickly set it up yourself without paying anyone to do it for you.

And, if you’re particularly skilled, you can create even more sophisticated programs to handle a host of essential components in your business.

Some things you can do include setting up your website, sorting out communication with clients, and managing bills.

Improve Communication and Collaboration

If you work in a large organization that has professionals from different fields, learning a bit about those fields can go a long way in enhancing communication and collaboration. This is particularly so with computer programming, which may seem complicated.

When you understand what your technical colleagues say, you can ask smarter questions and hold more beneficial discussions. If you’re the team manager, such conversations with the technical staff will impact the decisions you make for your company.

In cases where the IT department isn’t passing on their message effectively to other team members, you can be the intermediary. Doing that will make you even more valuable in the organization and improve your chances of getting a promotion.

Stand Out When Searching for a Job

Even if you’re applying for a job that doesn’t require you to learn programming, having such a skill can make hiring managers pick you. That skill can be particularly beneficial to young enterprises, which tend to hire multitalented employees.

Besides, having such an extra skill in your resume shows you’re hardworking, and a self-starter. It proves your ability to go beyond the scope of your job description to do what it takes to excel.

Moreover, programming can offer you an alternative career path to follow when you get a good opportunity.

Understanding Software

Virtually every company uses some form of software, and employees have the responsibility of performing tasks using such software. Without a proper understanding of the software, you can fail in your job responsibilities.

Understanding programming gives you an advantage in figuring out how different software work, whether at work or at home. This reduces the chances of making disastrous mistakes out of ignorance.

Such knowledge is also useful when companies transition to new technology. The on-boarding processes can be far more effective and faster if employees understand a bit of programming.

Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

The systematic process of coding can significantly enhance your problem-solving skills.

Essentially, coding is all about solving both simple and complex problems. Using step-by-step processes, you learn to identify complex problems and break them down into manageable parts which you handle through an organized plan.

The process requires a keen eye to detail, which is useful in day-to-day business operations. You’ll find yourself performing better at work through the skills you develop in coding.

Creative problem solving is also a key part of programming, whereby you figure out new and novel methods to address challenging situations. Such creativity will undoubtedly boost performance at your job. If you’re running a business, you’ll benefit even more from the creativity which can help you in creating new products and services.


Considering the extensive reach of technology, you’ll certainly gain many more advantages if you know some basics of programming. Fortunately, you can make use of vast resources online to get this valuable skill. You can start with this beginner’s guide on coding to learn to programming in your spare time.