Nursery Decorating

We all know how children are the most precious beings on earth for all the parents. They will always put their kids first and prioritise them and their needs over theirs. This unconditional love is backed by the desire to provide them everything in the best form. So, when parents are designing or decorating nurseries for their kids, they tend to choose the most alluring option and leave no stone unturned to make sure that they create a heaven for their little angels in the form of nursery. Since it is 2019 and there are a plenty of options for you to choose from the Internet, this article is going to narrow down the top 10 nursery decor ideas for you to save you the trouble. Let’s see.

Choose the Right Colour

Right Colour

Well, there is no creativity or a bound rule tied with the choice of most parents who say that boy gets a blue nursery and the girl gets the pink one. The trends are changing and it is not fair to associate these beautiful colours with any single gender. So, there is a choice for you between blue and pink. Moreover, if you wish to step out of commonality, you can experiment with other colours and stand out as well. There is violet, green, yellow or light pink or blue like bubblegum. However, it is to be noted that it is a baby’s room and not a kindergarten class. So, the colours used on the walls must be mild and soft rather than loud.

Add a Little Library

Little Library

Your child will pick up and follow what they will see around them. It is advised to develop a habit of reading books in them by reading books out loud to them while they are little. This will spark the love for books in them and in future, they will be avid readers. For this purpose, you must install a little library in the showcase or any open cupboard. This will elevate the substance in the house. You can arrange them in any way you like. Moreover, you can also try putting them in stylish racks that are easily available these days to put up on walls.

Buy a Unique Crib

Unique Crib

You want your child to develop a unique personality that sets him or her apart from other children. For this purpose, you will need to make unique choices for him or her from the beginning as well. Most parents do not pay enough attention to cribs as they think that is the same everywhere. Well, they are not and you can level up the nursery by investing in a beautiful crib rather than the generic one. Also, you can customise it with colours, their favourite toys, fluffy handmade cushions and what not. This will give a warm touch to the crib.

Feature Wall

Feature Wall

Nursery, like any room, must have a feature wall. You can go with two choices in this one. Either paint bold or apply wallpaper to three walls and keep one wall simple and light. You may also opt for a second choice of going with three simple and minimalistic walls while painting one of them as bold or paint characters on them or adding wallpapers. This will spice up the look of the whole room. Feature wall can be the one against which the crib can be placed. This will add a creative touch to the room.

Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings

Investing in both decorative and informative wall hangings can be really helpful. This will make the kid more learned about different shapes, patterns and colours as well. It is not necessary that these hangings should be of cartoon characters. You can add some stylish art as well. Moreover, apart from the pictures, you can also hang some quotes on the wall. They will make the room more fashionable as well. You can choose the style of writing as per your choice; cursive, print, bold, etc.

Sitting Chairs

Sitting Chairs

You are obviously going to sit in your baby’s room almost all the time. It is better to have a proper sitting place for you as well. Buy two to three sitting chairs that go with the overall theme of the room and put pretty cushions on it. You can also put feathery blankets on these chairs to make them more comfortable and cozy for you. These chairs must be comfortable, large and practical as per your use intended.

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

Installing indoor plants can elevate the outlook of your room to another level. Indoor plants give a quite environmental, green and earthly vibe. It makes the room seem more comfortable and alluring at the same time. They are not even that hard to take care of and also are not super expensive. The overall atmosphere of the room will be fresh as well as your baby will be able to breathe fresh oxygen as well.


Ceilings have a great deal of potential. Most people ignore this opportunity but you should not. First of all, you can paint the ceiling with patterns or characters. Secondly, you can hang some pieces from the ceilings like some globes, wind chimes or just decorative lines. This will add a different kind of value to your room.

Storage Equipment

When you are setting up a room for your kid, there are so many things that need to be used. So, in order for them to be available when needed and for you to stay organised, you need a lot of storage equipment. This includes racks, drawers and boxes. Make sure you buy them with the theme.

Personal Touch

No matter what styles and style icons you follow, it is important to give a personal touch to your room especially a nursery as your child will grow up in it and learn. You can personalise things like making cushions by yourself, having some customised windows like the rest of the house or some DIY projects.