Non-Toxic Dyne Test Kits

The non-toxic dyne test kits are used for quality checks of products with polypropylene and polyethylene treatments. No matter what your business is, offering services and products that match the quality standards is essential. It is not easy to do quality checks and requires expert supervision. It is also considered to be time-consuming and risky in some cases. That’s where non-toxic dyne test kits come in.

Non-toxic dyne test kits contain dyne pens. The dyne pens ensure you don’t have to participate in risky or time-consuming quality check processes. They are designed to do quality checks of treatments on plastic substrates. It looks similar to a regular marker pen and can be used after unwrapping.

The pens have an applicator on the tip, preventing them from undergoing the intrinsic disadvantage that the “Felt tip pen” and “Magic marker” have. The dyne pens can provide a proper and accurate result of surface energy due to it. If the surface energy level is low, the adhesion of the coating, inks, glues, and other polymer-based substances would be poor. The non-toxic dyne test kits are used in the packaging industry as they help determine if the plastic substance has adequate surface tension or not to laminate, print, or coat things.

It is easy to measure the surface energy with the help of a dyne pen. You must draw the dyne test pen across the surface of the material you want to test. While you draw it across the surface, it releases a liquid that forms a constant film. If the film remains on it for at least 3 seconds or more, surface energy is the minimum required. The surface energy is lower than needed if the liquid draws back into droplets almost immediately. Different dyne test pens have to be used to find the exact measurement of the surface energy, with increasing and decreasing numbers.

Here are the benefits of using non-toxic dyne test kits:

There is no scrap material left after testing. Other test methods leave behind a lot of scrap material after the quality checks are done, which must be dealt with separately.
  • Dyne pens produce quick results. It is a simple process; the results can be seen in just 3 seconds.
  • No expert supervisor is needed as it is straightforward to use. Anyone knowledgeable about polypropylene and polyethylene treatments can take the test and check the results.
  • It is one of the most trusted and reliable methods to determine the substrate’s treatment level. Various researchers have found it the most accurate method of verifying treatment levels.
  • It is not a costly thing to purchase and use. The dyne pens are affordable and readily available to buy. It can be ordered from reputed dyne test makers and suppliers.
The dyne pens are non-toxic and do not contain dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde. They are made like regular pens and markers and contain ethanol. Also, the accuracy is (± 1 mN/m (dyne/cm)), which is excellent and considered the best quality check result.

Wrapping up

The best can be bought and ordered online from International Converting Equipment Inc. The company specializes in dyne pens and isis a leading dyne test maker. You can visit their website or call them for further information.