Travelling the world to tear up the best snow possible is probably one of your favourite things to do. But packing, getting through the airport and dragging around clunky baggage is definitely not the best part of that process, right? Well, you can be sure that your next trip is as smooth sailing and stress free as physically possible by taking just a few measures before you fly:

Pack Smart

Your packing needs to be as specific and neat as you can make it. By packing in a cautious and organised manner you’ll be creating more space. Use genius folding methods like the roll, by balling up your tees, undies and thermals, you’ll make more room for other space eaters like your binding and snow goggles.

Always remember to keep it paired back. Your trip is most likely going to centre around one thing, boarding, so be sure to keep the casual wear or party gear to a minimum. Try to find layers and thermals that can be multi-purposed, these are a great space saver!

Use Your Board Bag Wisely

Multi-purpose your board bag as your check in! Never underestimate the potential of your bag, you can pop all your casual wear and anything that you can afford to wrinkle in there. A few hoodies, thermals, undies and tees placed on the end of either tip will actually help to protect your snowboard whilst it's braving the journey!

Multipurpose Your Carry On

Your carry on is your opportunity to bring as much of your gear onto the plane as possible. Use your boot bag to minimise the clutter in your checked bag. Carrying your boots with you will mean that you can be sure that no harm is going to come to them, it's also a great opportunity to add smuggle some sneaky extra essentials by stuffing them with socks! Just be sure that your snowboard tools, wax and safety kit is in your checked bag, these items won’t make it through airport security.

Be Thoughtful

Being thoughtful in your packing and travelling is one of the most impactful things you can do. Taking measures like minimal clothing, precise folding methods and clipping your helmet to your boot bag will make all the difference at both ends of your journey.

Wear your jacket on the plane to save room in your board bag, if you’re really tight on space layer up on the tees and thermals for the flight. You might get a little warm but just think of the extra room you’ll have in that bag!


Consider the type of trip you’re taking and who you’re taking it with. If it’s going to be action-packed, you can really skip out on a lot of the extra casual clothing. If it’s more social, pair back the boarding accessories. Chances are you can rent a lot of the gear you’ll  need on the slopes there, or if you’re really concerned about packing you can always ship your kit ahead of your trip - this is best for long snow stints!