If you are reading this article today, chances are that you are one thoughtful person and you do care about your environment and how you are contributing to the world. Not only this, in fact, you do wonder about the things that you use like the plates you eat in and the plastic shopping bags you use to take out your grocery. Speaking of plastic, have you ever wondered if your plastic toothbrush is good for you and for the environment? Well, if you never thought of that then now is the time to do so because you have no idea what an evil your plastic toothbrush is.

For starters, your plastic toothbrush is dangerous for your body too because technically, plastic comes with toxins and then these toxins enter your body through your mouth, things can get really messy. Mostly, toothbrushes are made up of PVC plastic and this plastic comes with phthalate which is the most harmful thing on the planet Earth and daily exposure to it can harm your body in ways that you never even thought of. 

Things To Think About 

When it comes to plastic toothbrushes, there are a lot of questions that might pop up in your mind. For example, where does the plastic toothbrush go after it discarded and how long it takes to break down a plastic toothbrush? Well, if you also keep wondering about these things and questions then don’t worry because we are going to answer them all and we’ll also tell you the solution to this problem of yours.

The plastic toothbrushes, once you discard them, they go to the ocean directly and this is the reason why the marine life gets in danger. Not only this, in fact, this plastic and all the chemicals of it goes straight to the fishes we eat so technically we are polluting both, our food and the marine life.

Now, another interesting fact is that it takes around 400 years for a plastic toothbrush to breakdown, the ones that don’t make it to the ocean, they remain in landfills for years and that’s where they release poisonous chemicals in the air. Long story short, the plastic toothbrushes we use, they are harming us one way or the other and it’s high time for people to think of a solution and that solution is, using a Biodegradable Toothbrush.

Yes, you read that right! These toothbrushes aren’t only good for the environment, in fact, they are good for your health too and if you really care about yourself, your kids, the environment, the planet Earth and the marine life then you need to stop buying the PVC plastic toothbrushes right now and shift to toothbrushes that are biodegradable like the bamboo ones.

Believe it or not, this might not be a major concern in the world right now but within a few years, plastic will destroy the Earth and by that time, it’s going to be too late to do something about it.

Overall Verdict 

It’s not only about toothbrushes, in fact, but people also need to stop using plastic at all. From shopping bags to baskets to other plastic products, plastic just needs to be banned right away if we really want to survive and breath in a healthy and clean environment.

We hope you now know what to do. So, just head to your nearest local store or order a biodegradable toothbrush right now and try and contribute for the betterment and improvement of the mother Earth.