Stars with Death Star

One of the benefits of legalized recreational marijuana being on the rise is the availability of different strains. People are now being introduced to strains and even creating strains that they otherwise would not have been.

One such strain which has really begun to take off in popularity across the nation is Death Star. Death Star has been around since 2004, and since then has become a superstar among marijuana strains. Especially amongst Star Wars fans, due to the spacing out, relaxing effect it has. 

Honestly, Death Star is the perfect strain to kick-back and relax while having yourself a Star Wars marathon. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Death Star and why you should let it take you for a ride among the stars.

What is the Death Star?

The Death Star strain hails from the great state of Ohio. It is an Indica dominant hybrid at 75% Indica and 25% sativa. Death Star is the result of cross-breeding Sour Diesel and Sensai Star. The combination produces a rather robust level of THC coming in at 18-27%.

The CBD only comes in at 1%, however, this is still significantly higher than most strains. So those looking for a great, relaxing, high along with some symptom relief should star here.


The skunky earthy aroma given off by Death Star is one of the few drawbacks. Trying to be sneaky with this strain is like walking around with a giant neon sign with an arrow pointing at you and flashing. Like always it's best not to try anything sneaky when handling this particular strain. 

The taste isn't much different from the scent other than the mild citrus kick at the end. Sweetness will come in waves mostly. For fans of diesel, you'll love Death Star strain. 

Visually, Death Star can have bright green leaves with darker green accents or dark orange hairs on dark green leaves. The buds are fat, thick, and sticky.

While not the greatest smelling, fans of diesel will love the taste, and appreciate the unique and vibrant amber and orange tones to the buds. 


When it comes to growing marijuana, few strains are as easy as Death Star. This strain is probably the easiest strain to grow. This is because of its resistance to most common diseases, mildews, and molds.

Some speculate the scent may be part of a defensive mechanism, while others admit they have no idea. Whatever the reason, Death Star is absolutely repugnant to pests and parasites. This is good news when it comes to harvesting a successful growth. 

The growth period is relatively short with a flowering period of around 8 to 9 weeks. You should plan on an outdoor harvest somewhere around October. Indoor grows will usually yield an average of 14 ounces, while outdoor grows are around 12%.

Effects/Medical Benefits

The onset is slow, the build-up intense, the suspense nearly unbearable as you make that slow agonizing climb to the top. Think of riding a roller coaster to the top of the highest drop, the ascent is nearly agonizing, the anticipation terrible. But that sweet pay-off of the drop is worth every bit of it.

Once the high hits you, like the sudden drop of a roller coaster, it hits hard. You'll experience a complete and total feeling of relaxation, calm, and euphoria. This is a great strain to achieve a total relaxed body high with. 

But if it's your first go with this strain of marijuana, in general, go easy. This strain will not only eradicate any bad moods you may have but also your will and motivation to leave the couch. So, prepare yourself for couch-lock with plenty of snacks, drinks, movies, and video games.

Because of these effects, Death Star is great for relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. It can also help with chronic pain thanks to the body high it gives. 

A Death Star the Rebels Could Support

Death Star is one of those nearly perfect strains of marijuana. It offers something for nearly everyone. It is easy to grow and cultivate requiring only 8-9 weeks flowering period. 

The scent could leave something to be desired, however fans of diesel will love the taste. Those suffering from depression, anxiety or stress will enjoy the euphoric, calm, and relaxed feelings it elicits. 

And if you suffer from chronic pain Death Star's body high will help to mask the pain and grant you some relief. While the name sounds ominous the truth is Death Star is one of the best strains for medicinal or recreational use.