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We might not give it too much thought but we don’t always realize the important functions that industrial tools play in our life on a daily basis.

Our civilization is constantly developing and some of the key industrial tools are playing a great role in shaping our future. The engineering field has created even more complex tools that have been effectively making us get more creative in crafting out some of our own inventions as well.

These tools serve the purposes in all kinds of industries such as automobile and carpenter industries. Moreover, they are even used in our daily lives to help make our lifestyle easier and simpler. There are a number of reasons why industrial tools are a part of our daily necessity- the materials used to build these tools are meant to increase the durability and the strength to perform their functions for a longer period of time.

That is why there are some industrial tools of the past that are still in good use today because the structures and inventions built from them, are still working efficiently since the day they were created.

As complex as these tools have gotten over the decades, they can be categorised under two types of tools- industrial hand tools and industrial power tools. Hand tools such as hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc. don’t really need electricity to make them work and you can easily make use of them by working with them with your hands. Power tools, as the word itself claims, need power to make them work such as grinders and drills. These were made to deal with working on metals which is why it is used for heavy engineering purposes in industries focused highly on metal based creations.

But despite the increasing number of industrial tools that have been developed to meet the purpose of its users, there are some tools you just cannot replace. You can surely upgrade their functions and design it in a better style- but their basic purpose won’t be changing.

In order to shed light on some of these tools, we have created a list of some of them down below. These tools have served a longer period of time since the making and constant upgrading of industrial tools- and still, manage to work better than ever. Once you know what these tools are, you will come to realize their importance and even make sure to keep them in the arsenal of your daily tool kit.

Cordless Drill

Being a power tool, a drill machine used to have a wire attached to provide enough electricity to get the machine working. But over several years after its creation, this tool now works without a cord and only requires batteries in order to input the power in the drill machine.

Initially, the purpose of the drill machine was to drill holes in the walls and other types of surfaces. But a cordless drill gives you more options such as turning screws and bolts with it as well which decreases the amount of labor power you need to put into it.

Hole- saw bits come in different sizes and a cordless drill has the ability to fit any of them into it. This can be highly effective for your daily house needs when you are required to drill holes to attach door knobs to doors or cabinets or even use it for sink faucet, drywall installation and other purposes that require circular drilling.

Paint Sprayer

Whether you are making furniture in your workshop or even crafting out some of your own DIY creations back at your home, you would always need fresh layers of paints to add that final touch of glory to make your creations look captivating.

Now getting a bucket of paint and a paintbrush for the job can seem like a good option- but what if you could opt for something better like a paint sprayer instead? Investing in a paint sprayer is a great choice as it provides several benefits as compared to traditional painting. A paint sprayer is portable equipment, making its mobility easier to use and it also doesn’t waste an excessive amount of your time painting as compared to done in the traditional way. Furthermore, some of its best functions include painting uneven surfaces, making use of selected strains, and even fine mists for a more aesthetic appeal.

Without the extra need of a flow meter found at, a paint sprayer gives you the option to make variations with the thickness and flow of the paint used which can be great for when you wish to paint over fences, kitchen cabinets and other surfaces you wish to add appeal to.

Hand Saw

A basic and irreplaceable tool for every woodworker out there, a hand saw has many variations but none of them deviate from its original functions.

There are a number of saws that, keeping the initial function of saw as its base idea, have extra properties that provide various functions for sawing. Other than wood, some saws can cut through extremely hard metals and some can even create different designs on the surfaces you use the saws on. However, each saw serves a different purpose and each of them is quite expensive so you would need to thoroughly look into the saws properties before deciding which ones to buy.

This is why having a hand saw in your tool arsenal is much more effective. It can provide you the basic functions of cutting and carving your wood-based creations such as shelves etc. Plus, a hand saw gives its user more control over how much pressure needs to be applied in certain spaces which can be a bit difficult to do with a power saw. Plus, it is less expensive and still manages to get the crafting job done.

Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is one of the oldest industrial tools that has been helping in manufacturing so many creations for several numbers of decades.

Like many other industrial tools, a claw hammer has also gone through different phases of upgrades and reincarnated for better functions. However, being a hand tool, a claw hammer is much more optional to keep in your tool kit at all times since it’s more beneficial as compared to its newer designs.

A nail gun is one example that has enhanced functions of a claw hammer- but if you are living in a family with small children who have a knack for snooping around in your toolbox, it’s better to opt for a claw hammer because of its more preferable safety functions. Plus, the hammer is made out of a sturdy metallic material that makes it easier for you to use whether you want to drive a nail into the wall to hang frames or reattach wooden pieces back together to broken furniture.

Furthermore, they aren’t heavy but are strong enough to make use of for daily purposes. In fact, you even have a choice to choose different kinds of claw hammers that adjust and balance well with your hand and you should know that not all powered hammer tools come with that sort of option.

Air Compressor

Some of you must be wondering how and why an air compressor is a necessary industrial tool- and to answer that we have listed some of its unique benefits for your daily engineering and crafting needs.

An air compressor is basically an electric motor that helps to power up other industrial tools such as nail guns, spray gun which makes it work for longer periods of time. It also works as a safer nail gun alternative by conducting the same functions of it. Plus, this way it makes tasks such as installing baseboards, cleaning up sawdust, working on crown molding, adding frames to doorways and so much more, easier to handle as compared to if you had done it with hand tools.

Furthermore, it is cost-effective, durable and it is known to last longer than most air-based industrial tools that have been created so far.