used skid steer attachment

If you’re in the market for skid steers attachments, it can be really tempting to save a bundle on a used attachment. And let’s be honest - who doesn’t love to save money? We love to save too, but there are times when a bargain can cost you in the long run. Here are some ways to make sure your savings pay off when you’re buying used.

Here are some things that we’ve learned by taking calls from frustrated buyers. These are people who ran into issues after buying used attachments “as is” from sources that were either not willing or not able to ensure that all components were in working order. Buyers end up running their attachments for just a few hours and breaking down with no recourse.

The internet can be a great place to buy, and having pictures of the individual attachment is handy, but buying from private parties is still less than ideal.

A great place to start is to purchase your used attachment from a reputable dealer. When you purchase a used attachment from a dealer who offers brand new attachments, you’re likely getting items that were used by professionals in demos to prospective customers and have been cared for properly. Another bonus of buying through reputable companies or dealers is that after being in the field and before being offered to you, the attachments are gone over, repaired or refurbished and tested to ensure they’re in tip-top condition. Many times, dealers or the factory will also offer a warranty. The warranty is a huge bonus as long as you put the attachment to work right away, since defects or problems caused by previous use or abuse will surface fairly quickly once you put the attachment to work.

The internet can be a great place to buy, and having pictures of the individual attachment is
If you’re willing to run the risk of purchasing used attachments from private sellers that offer no warranty, there are some obvious things you can check for.
Check that there are no dents, warps or bends that will impede the operation of the attachment and don’t forget to check the mounting plate on the backside of the attachment too. Chipped paint is to be expected and isn’t an issue, but deep dents or bends can cause trouble.
  • If the attachment runs on hydraulics, check the hoses and fittings to ensure that they’re healthy.
  • Check any cylinders to see if they’re leaking fluid.
  • If there are blades in the system, make sure they’re all intact.
  • Your best bet is still to buy from a reputable source, know the attachment has been checked over by professionals, and better yet, is accompanied by a warranty.
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