outdoor activity for kids in summer

It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting warmer and your kids are out of school. Instead of having them sitting inside and watching T.V all summer long, why not make this the summer where your kids get outside to play? There are a ton of outdoor activities that will get your kids outside and moving around. Not only will they have a lot of fun playing outside, but it will help tire them out so they can sleep better at night.


These outdoor activities should be pretty obvious but definitely worth mentioning. The best way to beat the summer heat is to hop into a nice cold body of water and go for a nice swim. I prefer swimming in oceans or rivers, but some towns may not have access to this so a nice pool does the trick as well! Before you say that there are no good places to swim around you, you might want to do a quick search and see what is in your area. There might be a beautiful lake an hour and a half away from you that you have never heard of before. If you live by the coast, you can just drive down to the beach. This is preferable to a pool because it is an opportunity to give kids hands-on experience with the natural world. Perhaps they will find some cool fish and snails in the nearby tide pools. You can also have them help you pick up nearby trash and teach them the importance of preserving areas like this. If this is not an option in your town, a pool can do the trick as well. Just make sure you do not take your eye off your child no matter how strong of a swimmer you believe them to be.


Another one of the outdoor sports that can be a great way for kids to get exercise and spend some time outside. Depending on the age of your child, the summer can be a great time to get them their first bike. They will have a lot more time to practice riding and then by the time school rolls around, they may be confident enough to ride there on their own. This is also great because it is an activity that parents can easily participate in. It can be great to take your kids on a long bike ride around town and also a great excuse for you to get some exercise yourself.


Another one of the outdoor sports like cycling but just with a different vehicle. Scooters are rising in popularity and they are a lot cheaper and easier to use than bicycles. These can be a fun way for your kids to explore the neighbourhood on their own and also practice some tricks in the front driveway. If your child is under the age of 8, you may also want to start out using a 3 wheel scooter and then work your way up to a 2 wheel scooter.

Best 3 Wheel Scooters

Our picks for the best 3 wheel scooters are the Globber 3 wheel scooter (best for younger kids) and the YES INDEED Kids three-wheel scooter. These scooters are a great way for your kid to start learning early on while still enjoying riding around the block!

Outdoor Play

Another way in which your kids can make the most of the summer sun is by utilising outdoor play equipment, giving them a source of fun until their heart is content! Why not engage them with you in building a modern playhouse! Perhaps you could invest in a kids slide for your own garden, or regularly take them to a public park that already has these kinds of fun-filled features installed already. With this kind of imaginative way of playing, the sky is the limit for your children as they can spend hours outside having fun on their own or making friends with others.