long-married couples
Long-married couples

Long-married relationships tend to experience sinking excitement for each other. As two partners spend half of their lives under the same roof, sharing problems, joys and sorrows together, things do change with time. In fact, kids can play a key role in altering the relationship between parents as both spouses get busy in grooming them and nurturing their future.

As a result, the passion, love and igniting feelings for each other tend to fade away, giving birth to silent differences. This may also show-up with less sex, more quarrels, monotony in life and more.

Come let us dive into the 6 biggest complaints of long-married couples to understand their part of the story.

1. Where’s the sex?

As time passes by, sleeping together on the same bed might not seem as romantic. Frequent sex too becomes difficult as both partners return to bed feeling exhausted after long hours of responsibility.

While one partner may want to have sex, the other might be too tired for it or simply not up for it. When this starts happening frequently, differences between partners arouse that result in sexual conflicts. In fact, sex may also lessen due to children sleeping on the same bed or excessive stress. In such situations, it is recommended to consult any sexologist in India.

2. Hate the stress

One of the most bugging problems in a relationship is excessive stress. Whether financial stress, emotional stress or whatever, stress is stress.

When partners indulge in too much stress, they hardly are able to give proper time to their relationship thereby encouraging silent differences between them. This can also lead them to argue inconsiderably which can be very hazardous to the relationship.

3. Arguments don’t go backseat

They say fighting can increase love between partners. It can, but not always. Frequent fighting, especially on matters that do not require to be argued upon, can cause a disparity between the perspectives of partners leading them to keep away from each other.

If you fight with your partner about not doing the laundry one day or watching plenty of television, you are doing it wrong.

4. No curiosity, no excitement

A lot of partners especially wives have complained about their partner's long-lost curiosity to know more about their wives. Even men have common problems that pinpoint towards their wife’s work responsibilities that lead to such problems.

Such feelings can reduce excitement in partners for each other, resulting in a lack of love, affection, and communication to strengthen the relationship.

5. They don’t get over their addiction

This is very frustrating for partners who’ve been married for the longest time. When one partner is addicted to a bad habit especially drinking, smoking or doing drugs, it can have a very lethal effect on not just their relationship but also with other members of the family.

Partners who lie about their addiction, do wrong things and influence their children to do the same unconsciously can lose their partner's interest instantly. This not only frustrates them but also leads the other partner into over-thinking, taking the stress and feeling guilty about being with them.

6. What’s with the weight?

Weight issues are a secretive reason for dying marriages or fading love between long-married couples. Often, this is observed women after their pregnancy or due to overeating. Such habits of not taking care of themselves can make their husbands feel slightly less interested in them. It also makes way for husbands not giving proper attention to their wives and much more. These little matters can damage the relationship between partners very heavily and result in many problems.

Overcome the problem

It is easy to find complaints and raise questions upon each other in a relationship. But what is most needed is an understanding between two partners to get over this problem and cure their relationship of such complaints. Ignite the love again, by discussing problems with your partner. Stop fighting over little things and reengage in living happily with each other.

Break out of those facts that bridge a gap between you two. Remember, you’ve lived together for so many years, this is not what you both deserve.

Communication in any relationship helps in strengthening the love for each other and keeps both partners bound together.