Bad Communication Skills

Communication is an often underrated skill. It may seem a little dramatic to reflect on your communication skills, but bad communication skills are more common than you would think.

Lucky for you, we've created a guide on how to realize if you have communication skills or if you need more listening practice.

You're Quick to Interrupt

If you can't listen to someone because you're too busy thinking of something to say, this is a key sign of bad communication skills. Anyway, if you're rushing to say something do you honestly understand how you feel to communicate it?

Often, we feel like if we don't take the chance to say something, we will miss the opportunity to say anything at all. Sometimes, though, it's better to miss out on an opportunity to express ourselves than to say something half-way thought out.

If you have something important to say it's better to take the time preparing what you want to express clearly rather than leave room for miscommunication. 

Neglect Other Opinions

Neglecting other opinions may seem like an obvious miscommunication, but sometimes it's overlooked.

It's difficult to get out of your own head when communicating, especially if you're emotionally invested in the subject. You want to eliminate miscommunication; however, you need to be able to take other people's opinions.

Genuine communication means being able to respect someone enough to hear them out. 

How You Really Feel

Mindful communication takes a lot of honesty. Being honest and communicative about how you're really feeling is so important. Lack of honesty in communication can mean create a lack of trust which can cause relationships to crumble.

People will respond more positively when they receive a clear message from someone, even if it's a difficult message to convey. 

Avoid Confrontation

It can be hard to communicate difficult emotions but to better yourself as a communicator; you need to head into the lion den.

Text and email are not always the best way to communicate. Sometimes the best way to understand one another is by face-to-face conversation. If you're worried about starting the difficult conversation, there's nothing wrong with practising. 

Speaking Emotionally

This may seem simple but communication is a two-way street and that being said, you should treat others the way you want to be treated while communicating.

Poor communicators typically will speak emotionally and erratically when a difficult subject is brought up. Not only will this make people nervous about speaking to you but it will also make communication more stressful on your end.

Respect in Communication

If you think you may have lousy communication skills and want to improve; remember to treat people the way you would like to be treated while communication.

Keep a cool, level head and respect those who are communicating with you.

It's easier, in the long run, to get the difficult conversations out of the way instead of avoiding the subject. Avoidance and disrespect will cause any conversation to fail.

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