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Kia, which originated from South Korea, is the second largest automobile manufacturing company today. Currently, it’s partly owned by the Hyundai Motor Company and has made waves in the industry after beating its bankruptcy issue in 1997.

Today, a lot of consumers are trusting this brand because of its design. The company is even awarded International Car of the Year since 2013. Here are the benefits of buying a Kia:

1. Stylish feature

One feature that lets Kia capture consumers is that it caters to almost everyone’s preference when buying a car: style. Kia is known to be one of the several manufacturers of the most stylish vehicles in the market.

They introduced their modern and edgy designs during 2005, when they hired Tom Kearns in the company. He is known for being the one who improved the Cadillac’s design by incorporating sharp lines and angles. In 2006, Kia hired Peter Schreyer, who revamped Kia’s lineup by introducing the Tiger Nose, which represented the brand’s distinct signature grille in all its units.

2. Safety is the main priority

Of course, every car owner wants to prioritize their safety, both when riding a car and driving on the road. When you shop for a Kia from car dealers in Rochester, NY such as Vision Kia Fairport, you’re giving yourself more safety.

Kia has a high standard in terms of manufacturing all their car units, so it’s guaranteed not just to provide customer satisfaction and durability, but safety as well. Safety is their utmost priority, and this is obvious because they employ state-of-the-art safety engineering to address potential hazards when using a car.

Kia also introduced safety features such as:

  • Electronic Stability Control and Vehicle Stability Management
  • Hill Start Assist Control
  • Brake Assist
  • Blind Spot Detection System
Moreover, Kia earns high ratings in tests that determine whether a car passes a safety standard. Some tests like a crash test and side pole test guaranteed that Kia is one of the safest vehicles in the market.

3. Innovative features

With a lot of interesting features in the models they release in the market, Kia maintains to wow its customers. The company continues to improve and innovate features of their units to provide car buyers more value for their money. Some of these features revolve around automation, such as power windows, locks, and mirrors. They also include features that adapt Bluetooth technology in their speakers and radio system. There’s also an updated navigation and telematics system, so owners don’t need to buy a separate GPS for their car.

The luxury and hybrid units have a lot more to offer. With its sleek design and interiors, plus other state-of-the-art features, Kia has expanded its target market to cater to all types of car owners.

4. Warranty

Although they are known for durability because of their excellent performance and technology in engineering, Kia strengthens its customer satisfaction by providing Kia car owners with the best warranty in the manufacturing industry. It has extended coverage, so you don’t have to worry about the expensive repair costs. Kia makes sure that every car buyer gets the best for every purchase.

5. Efficient fuel economy

A wise car buyer also thinks about other costs that come with buying a car, and one of those is fuel consumption. Looking at a car’s fuel efficiency should be part of the equation. A lot of Kia models have an average fuel consumption of 30 miles per gallon. Kia remains to improve fuel efficiency through their company’s research and development. If you’re looking for a budget car with efficient fuel consumption, Kia has compact car models like the Picanto and Soul.

6. Assistance

Not all manufacturing companies provide additional coverage after you purchase a car unit. Once everything is settled, and the payment has been made, you’re now on your own. Your purchase will not cover other costs.

Not if you buy a Kia, though, as they provide complementary assistance when you’re on the road. The good thing about this is that you’ll be able to use it anywhere since Kia has assembled an extensive network that will help its consumers with roadside assistance anywhere in the world.

 Kia from a dealership in Rochester

Final Thoughts

Buying a Kia from a dealership in Rochester, NY can give you a lot of benefits. The main priority of Kia is not to provide any hassle to its consumers by giving them not just a stylish car, but a safe and fuel-efficient one, too. Not only that, but they also offer assistance and an extended warranty with every car purchase.