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There are different models MIG Welder in market, each of them with their own specifications and features. And some MIG welders are expensive. We to find and compile reviews of MIG welders for auto body work if you are looking for a MIG welder that is perfect for automotive body works then these reviews will give you an in-depth look into high-end and low-end welders to give you a clear idea of what should you consider and what should stay away from. It is most important to buy a welder that you will be able to use effectively.

Best MIG Welders automotive are,

  • Hobart 500554001 Handler 190: The Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 is the best MIG Welder automotive when it comes to welding automotive sheet metal. The MIG welder comes with a wide array of features that are purposed at making your life and welding jobs much easier and faster. This model has7 voltage selections and solid welding output amperage of 190 Amps. The flux-cored wire feed speed is infinitely adjustable and delivers you with ample control over arc performance, a critical feature during automotive metal sheet welding. This powerful welder runs on 230 Volt and is incredibly versatile. This makes it ideal if you occasionally want to use your welder for welding thicker metal plates. You also get a spool gun that makes it possible for you to weld aluminum since a spool gun prevents a flux-cored wire from jamming in your torch.
  • Lincoln Electric K2697-1: The Lincoln Electric K2697-1 has a lot of features that makes it the best MIG Welder automotive. Firstly, you have a choice between welding with gas-shielded wire and flux-cored wire. It means that you do neat welding jobs on all types and forms of metal, including aluminum and stainless steel. This welding machine runs on 120 Volt, making it powerful for other DIY-type jobs around the house or as part of your auto body repairs. This welder comes with a fully versatile wire drive system and 50 to 500 IPM wire feed speed, providing you enough control over your arc performance. Another good feature is a brass-to-brass gun connection to eliminate any conductivity-related frustrations. As an automotive body repair tool, you will find tons of value in the Lincoln Electric K2697-1. It is all aspects, perfect for auto body works as well as other sheet metal jobs.
  • Goplus MIG 130 Welder: This Goplus MIG 130 Welder is a basic flux-cord unit that runs on 110 Volts and has welding output amperage of up to 130 Amps. This tool has 4 current flow setting and you will get 10 specific wire speed feed settings. Use this is primarily limited to thin plates or sheet metal, so you would be capable to use this MIG welder for automotive body welding jobs. This model has some problems that may influence your buying decision. The circuit board has a tendency to burn out due to overload. There are protective electronics built in to prevent this, but sometime they seem to be ineffective. Another relevant problem you may face that this welder copes incredibly poorly with automotive sheet metal. The wire feeder is also lacking in terms of quality and may stop working for no obvious reason.
  • Forney 29901 125 FC MIG Welder Start-Up Kit: People always searching for a hassle-free welder to get the better performance of DIY projects. This is an ideal auto body works. They were designed for the beginner welder, but its features are perfect for automotive body repairs. So, if you are looking for a welder that you can use for automotive body repairs, this welding tool is the best value for money. It is a basic flux-core welding machine that uses 0.030 flux-core wire and that does not need shielding gas. Depending on your welding job, you can switch the MIG welder to either sheet metal or thin plate settings. Also, you can adjust the flux-core wire feed speed settings. Wire feed speed will be slower for sheet metal and higher when welding thin plate. It filled to the brim value and includes a ground clamp, welding torch, gloves, and welding helmet. If you are looking to purchase a product that is a solid financial investment, that Forney is the best MIG Welder automotive welder which is perfect for you.

Before buying a MIG welder for auto body welding, it is important to know what you want exactly. You must focus on some features in a MIG welder to use for auto body work. Such as,

  • Power: Most auto body welding is on sheet metal but you do not need a heavy-duty welder. A MIG welder that runs on 110 Volts may work perfectly. If you using the MIG welder for DIY projects or heavier steel construction then you need MIG welder that runs on 230 Volts.
  • Spool gun: When you weld aluminum, you need a spool gun. Welding aluminum can cause the flux-cored wire torch to jam. If you have a spool gun you can keep the torch farther away from the aluminum, which will prevent jamming.
  • Thermal overload protection: A MIG welder is a long-term uses machine, and make sure that your welder has precautionary measures built into the design. Duty cycles decide how long you can weld before you have to stop and let your welder cool off. The longer the duty cycle then longer you can weld in one sitting.
This discussion will be helping you to choose the best automotive MIG welder. You must concern about the machine’s quality because so many features without the good quality that will be valueless.