Content Writing
Content Writing

Thinking of hiring a content writer? Here are six practical tips on how to go about the hiring process.

It’s not a secret but life is busy and for a business person, the situation is even worse given that you have too many hats to wear.

You are the CEO, the sales rep, and at the same time the accountant of your own business. aaghr… life can be hell for you having to handle all the responsibilities alone.

And you still need to do content marketing which is an important sector of your whole digital marketing plan.

As such, you will need a helping hand because you don’t have the time for blogging, social media marketing, article writing, and etc.

Not all business owners are good at writing and even if you can do it yourself, chances are that you will have no time to do it. Moreover, it requires time and skills and time is not on your side bearing in mind that you want to prepare invoices, do the sales part and more.

That’s where a content writer comes in to rescue the situation.

But not all content writers are right for your business. Content writing is a broad industry with several areas in it.

Hiring a content writer who is knowledgeable about your industry would be the best option for you.

But then, how do you pick the best content writer out of the so-called “content writers” out there? Well, academic writers offer essay writing service from $10 per page. So you may ask what price you will pay your writer.

Don’t fret; we are here to help you?

Just keep scrolling to learn the six tips to choose the best content writer for your needs.

Your Needs

You cannot just go out in search for a content writer who you don’t know what work you will be assigning him.

You must first know the type of content you want to be written before you start your search for the best writer.

For instance, if you know you want SEO content, web content, brochures or magazines, it would be easier for you to get the right writer for the work.

Identify the Skills You Need for the Right Writer

Once you know the type of content you want, you can then narrow down your search by specifying the type of skills you want a writer to possess for them to qualify to write your content.

Write down a list of skills or knowledge you want the content writer to have. Request some few samples from the writer to see whether they are in line with the type of content you want.

Skills you are looking for from a writer could include:

  • Ability to conduct in-depth research
  • Fast typing skills
  • Ready to learn and improve their skills
  • Disciplined
  • A good grasp of good spelling and grammar, and etc.
  • Choose a Writer Who Understands Your Niche
Choosing a niche-specific writer can be helpful if you operate within a particular niche. For instance, if you operate a business that deals with the automobile market you need to pick a writer who is knowledgeable about the automotive industry and can write content that stands out from the crowd.


You need to choose a content writer that can meet deadlines. If your writer delivers content after the deadline has elapsed, you should find out what’s causing all the delays on the side of the writer and see if he can change. If not then you may consider finding another one.

Original and Unique Work

You need content that has never been published anywhere on the web. For that reason, you must give a trial project to the writer to get a grasp of the type of work they deliver. You could assign him a topic to write a short paid article then check it for plagiarism. If you find that the writer has copied the content, find another one.

Price Consideration

When it comes to content writing, different writers have different rates. Some will charge up to $40 per hour with some charging more or less than that. You should research the market to know how much you should pay your writer. Don’t get cheated when a writer requests too lower prices because that’s a sign that they will not give you quality content. Equally, not all the costly writer will deliver pure gold. Go for a writer who will deliver useful, informative, educative content at a reasonable price.

It’s that simple. If you follow these tips, you will definitely get the best writer for your content writing needs.